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You only need one download for Roblox. To get that download press play on any roblox game and if your not opening that place on roblox brawser or roblox studio then you will get install information placed on your screen.

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Q: What downloads do you need for roblox?
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how many downloads does roblox have?


Are there any working Roblox downloads?

well, the only working roblox download is in roblox, go to any game, then click play, and install roblox, that's the only roblox download, and that's the official roblox download

How do you speedchat on Roblox with no downloads?

I don't know excatly what you mean, if you mean by not safe chat then you need to be 13 or older.

Is there a free xxx massive multiplayer online game with no downloads?

yes, there is one is called Roblox. Roblox can also be played on Ipad,Iphone and etc.

What are the downloads to RuneScape?

You only need a browser with Java. No downloads are required.

How do you download roblox on a library computer?

Depending on the way the computer is set up you may or may not be able to install Roblox on a library PC. If you press play and Roblox downloads and works then the install worked. However, if the PC has super restrictions on what you are allowed to do the the PC it will not work.

so u wanna no what roblox is if u dont know what roblox is u need some help?

u wanna no what roblox is if u dont know what roblox is u need help

How do you get lifetime obc on roblox?

You would need to call ROBLOX and buy it.

how do you get admin in roblox?

For real admin/moderation abilities you need to actually work at roblox.

How do you get a teapot on roblox?

If you a teapot in roblox, You need The disered amount of R$/Robux.

How do you build on a group place in Roblox?

you need to be a member of roblox :D

How do you exit your games on roblox?

you need to press the logo of Roblox then the leave game is below it in mpbile its in the top