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What drink deteriorates your teeth the most?

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Soda, or possibly lemon juice.

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What drink is the most affective on your teeth?

Wine and Soda can stain and decay teeth easily.

Which type of drink is most corrosive for your teeth?

A drink with a high concentration of carbonic acid or other acids.

What drink stains teeth most?

Coffee, tea, red wine.

What fizzy drink is worst for your teeth?

Coke Coke is bad for your teeth, if you drink to much your teeth will fall out

What drink stains your teeth the most and why?

Coffee and Dark Colas such as Coke or Pepsi.

What common drink has the most staining power to teeth?

Almost inevitably it has to be coffee.

What drink stains your tongue the most?

Coffeei know its good, but it stains your tongue and teeth.

What drink is the worst for your teeth?

Answercoffee Gatorade is also very bad for your teeth. It will dye your teeth the color of the drink and it erodes enamel quickly!

What effects does fizzy drinks have on teeth?

it doesnt harm your teeth to have a fizzy drink once in a while but if you drink them too often, they can rot your teeth

Is pepsi and cola cola bad for your teeth?

Yes It Bad For Teeth So Please Do Not Drink It. Drink Something else that not bad for your teeth please.

Does coke or pepsi decay teeth the most?

depends on how much u drink either 1 of them

What can coke do to your teeth?

If you drink to much it could rot your teeth

How does a horse eat and drink?

it use's its teeth to eat and drink

How do you use deteriorates in a sentence?

Slightly inclement weather deteriorates rapidly in this region.

Which food substance most damages your teeth?

fizzy i drink i think food would be that rock sweets

What soft drink is the worst for your teeth?

The worst for your teeth is RC cola.

Can you drink soda with braces?

You could drink it but it is not good for your teeth at all.

Do you get darker if you drink coffee?

No, but your teeth will eventually if you drink too much

What drink is the wost for your teeth?


Why do my teeth hurt when I drink cold liquids?

If a person's teeth when they drink or eat cold things then they could have sensitive teeth. Some causes of sensitive teeth are receding gums, plague build up, or gingivitis.

Why do teeth get discolored?

Teeth get discolored from the food that you eat and the things that you drink. Almost everything you eat or drink is a color and over time that can stain your teeth, this is why brushing is so important.

What happens to the teeth when you drink coke?

When you drink alot of coke your teeth get stained and become very hard to clean the stains off of.

Which animal drinks milk the most?

I believe that Humans drink the most milk in their lifetimes. Far as I know, we are the only species that continues to drink milk after infancy. Cats and dogs will drink milk after infancy. It is not necessarily good for their digestion or teeth, but I have seen them drink it first hand.

What is the effect of grape juice on teeth?

The effect is that grape juice has acidic citrus containing in it. Therefore, it is most likely going to stain your teeth every time you drink it.

If you brush your teeth after you drink soda will your teeth be ok?

yes but try not to drink to much soda because if you miss a spot in your teeth it might cause it to stat rotting after some time