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What drug do people like to abuse?


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Alchol is the main drug that people abuse in the united states


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People like to get high. Each drug of abuse corresponds with neurorecepter sites in the brain.

No. medically, drug abuse is what people like to call a disease. i personally feel its just a personality trait.

People like drug abuse because they want to more drugs and in a smaller container like a shot it looks like it has less alcohol but it has the same amount as a bottle and others think there just having a little alcohol.

Over half a million people die a year from drug abuse and that is just in our country.

Drug abuse is drug abuse, regardless of whether or not the woman is pregnant.

Jewish people are just people. And just like all other people, their opinions vary.

probably because they like to break the rules or they get a thrill out of it

Drug abuse and addiction support can be found at a drug abuse hotline. The best way to help a friend with drug abuse and addiction problems is to give them a phone number to a drug abuse hotline and make sure they talk to a specialist who is trained to help people in such situations.

Drug use is when you use a drug to treat certain symptoms, like back pain, or anxiety. Drug abuse is when you use a drug for the purpose of becoming intoxicated, or high.

why is drug abuse dangerous

i think the answer is the drug is a physical drug.

because people loose there jobs, drug abuse,drink abuse and born on the streets

People can recover from drug and alcohol abuse by acknowledging they have a problem, going to rehabilitation centers, and being supported by family members and friends.

For me the difference is drug use You can control it Drug abuse is the drug controls you

Nothing is eradicating drug abuse.

Not at all. But they are designed as a therapeutic device for autistic people and people with attention deficit problems. Use by anyone else is an abuse. It's rather like a drug--it's all right when used by people for whom it is prescribed medically, but when people start using it recreationally, that is drug abuse.

drug abuse could lead to drug addiction and dependence

Drug abuse affects society in many ways. It takes people and turns them into criminals at times. It can also affect family, which affects many people as a whole.

There are various worldwide agencies that fight drug abuse. In the United States there is the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

15 percent (that is the average for both drug use and alcoholism)

These terms are often used interchangeably, however, substance abuse is a slightly broader category than drug abuse, since some of the substances that people abuse are not really drugs, such as glue, solvents, etc., which people may inhale in the hope of getting some kind of high.

Drug abuse happens when someone is taking a drug for fun, for a non-medical reason. Drug abuse can lead to physical harm and criminal prosecution.

Yes drug use is life abuse.

rehab is treated for drug abuse.

Yes, there are many including AA or the other drug abuse centers. Some can be found in your town as in all others.

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