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What eats Clams?


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All kinds of things eat clams like walrus, California otters, elephant seals, seals,starfish, and ray.

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A lot of people eat clams.

clams,brids clams,brids

i think that star fish eat clams as well as some crabs


No. Clams Clams are consumers. A producer makes its own food from sunlight, like plants. A consumer eats other things, like animals.

I know that walrus eat clams by sucking them out of their hard shells. I am pretty sure that there are other animals who eat clams too.

One invertebrate sea creature that eats them is the Octopus. A mammalian creature that eats them is the Sea Otter.

A starfish usualy eats mussels, clams, and arteres

Good Eats - 1999 Send in the Clams 5-12 was released on: USA: 10 April 2002

Any kind of carnivore but insects and all bugs

Clams, oysters, and small fish, because they are carnivorous.

besides people, a variety of snails, crabs, and other crustaceans

A Starfish eats Clams, Oysters, or anything too slow to escape. Crabs, Otters, and Seagulls eat Starfish.

Organisms such as Sea Star, Golden trails are the things that eat clams.

probly nothing because its shell protects it so nothing can eat it

it eats crabs, clams, and any other kind of tiny fish.

The cownose ray eats mostly oysters, clams, snails, and crabs :)

What ever they eat! IDK! LOOK IT UP!!!! STOP BEIN LAZY!!!!!!We are you dip

It crushes clams agnists rocks, and eats the inside.

A Clam Is an Omnivore It Eats Algae and Deb-re From Animals

an earthworm because the worm eats dirt not fungi like snails, slugs and clams do

A sea star is an obnivore because it eats meat like clams and mussels and eats plants like sea weed.

A starfish is a omivore so it eats fish ,oysters, sea urchin, aglae, clams and coral

A shark eats food such as fish, clams or musels with their teeth which are very sharp.

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