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A sea turtle ofcourse

Well there are different turtles out there that that eat medusa jellyfish.....

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Medusa is the full grown stage of a jellyfish

A Medusa Jellyfish is a type of Jellyfish and lives in the sunlit zone(maybe).

A Medusa is a type of jellyfish

Jellyfish have a polyp and a medusa.

Medusa is another word for jellyfish .

The Leatherback Turtle eats jellyfish.

The difference between a jellyfish and a coral is a polyp is a type of coral and a Medusa is a type of jellyfish. Polyp and Medusa are two basic forms of cnidarians

Jellyfish in Spanish is la medusa or la aquamala

The mouth is located on the lower surface (the bottom) of a jellyfish.

The spotted jelly, lagoon jelly, golden medusa, or Papuan jellyfish (Mastigias papua) is a species of jellyfish from the Indo-Pacific.

Medusa body form. Medusa-Umbrella shaped, tentacles hanging down. Swim about.

You have described body plan of a medusa...... and a jellyfish is a good example of a medusa.

The life cycle of a jellyfish is planula - polyp - polyp budding - ephyra - medusa.

All jellyfish are embodied in the Medusozoasubphylum. Medusa is another word for jellyfish, and refers specifically to adult jellyfish.

the body form of a jellyfish is called medusa.

medusa, it refers to free swimming jelly

medusa, coelenterate, ctenophore, hydrozoan, scyphozoan

i think it eats jelly fish

an arctic mane jellyfish eats plankton

The medusa, sea anemone, and polyp all have radial symmetry.

1.Larva 2.Polyp 3.Medusa

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