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i do not now can anybody else help me please

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What does a cookie cutter eats?


What eats cookie cutter sharks?


Who eats humpback whales?

cookie cutter sharks...very slowly.

How do cookie cutter sharks hear?

Cookie cutter sharks don't hear

Do cookie cutter sharks see any other cookie cutter sharks?

YES COOKIE CUTTER SHARKS DO SEE OTHERS, how else would they mate if they couldn't see eachother!

What is the cookie cutter sharks enemies?

The cookie cutter shark's enemy is the whale.

Why don't sharks eat whales?

They are tooo darn big, the cookie cutter shark eats a cookie sized hole from the whale but that's all.

What are cookie cutter sharks called cookie cutter sharks?

They are called cookie cutter sharks because About 100-90 years ago, a submarine was in the water and then when they came back, there was a bite mark that literally looked like a baker took a cookie cutter and put it in the sub! But what it really was, was a cookie cutter shark. What really happened, was that since the sharks diet is whale, the cookie cutter though that the sub was a whale, and took a bite, and then realised that it wasn't a whale and left it so that's how it happened!

Where do cookie cutter sharks live?

The water

Do cookie cutter sharks lay eggs?

Cookie Cutter Sharks May Lay Eggs But Sometimes They do Try other Questions at Somewhere Else

Do cookie cutter sharks have a threat to humans?

No. Not really. Cookie cutter sharks eat whales, so they won't mistake humans for a whale. And cookie cutters are one of the smallest sharks, so they won't be a threat.

What are the preadators of the cookie cutter shark?

sharks and whales....

How big are cookie cutter sharks?

They are about 13 inches

What do cookie cutter sharks look like?

a shark

What eats a cookie cutter shark?

Spearm Whale

What zone does the cookie cutter shark live?

the cookie cutter shark lives in the deep ocean with many other sharks which can help feed itself

What are cookie cutter sharks babies?

Shark babies are called pups.

What do cookie cutter sharks give off as they swim?

Blue lights

What are the bottlenose dolphins enemies?

the cookie cutter shark and the other sharks

What oceans do the cookie cutter sharks live in?

pacific and atlantic ocean

How long do cookie cutter sharks live?

The average lifespan of a cookie cutter shark is currently unknown. Research is currently being conducted to help determine that.

Where can you find a cookie cutter shark?

Cookie-cutter sharks are found in tropical waters, and Hawaii is no exception. I have seen these sharks' signatures on the sides of monk seals, and a friend tells me she has seen them on tunas at fish auctions.

What enemies do spinner dolphins have?

spinner dolphins enemies are cookie cutter sharks the spinner dolphins try to get away but they can't and the cookie cutter sharks take a bite out of the spinner dolphin's tail and the bite is a shape of a cookie and the spinner dolphin can't heal.

What do cookie-cutter sharks give off as they swim?

blue light

What do cookie-cutter sharks give off they swim?

Blue Lights.

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