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Eagles eat a variety of meats, which include fish and small game. They are on the top of their food chain and are predatory animals.

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What eats the bald eagle?

Nothing eats the Bald Eagle or any kind of eagle, it's the highest in it's food chain.

Can The King Cobra Eat a Eagle?

no but the eagle eats it

How eats a harpy eagle?

Harpy eats harpily!

Food chain of the golden eagle?

the golden eagle eats the rabbit which eats the grass produced by the sun!!

How a food chain works with an eagle a mouse a flower a snake and a grasshopper?

the grasshopper eats the flower the mouse eats the grasshopper the snake eats the mouse the eagle eats the snake then the eagle dies it will fall down :) compose and this will be the food for the flower

What eagle eats?


What animal eats a golden eagle?

Nothing really eats a golden eagle, it's at the top of the food chain

What animal eat the eagles?

Yo! you dont know what animal eat eagles?! ha! well i know!.. okay listen what will i say.. THIS IS A MUSIC SO FIND WHAT THE EAGLE EATS (i mean find the lyric of what the eagle eats!) Yo! you dont know what the eagle eats? well i dont know but listen i eat eagle human eat eagle! SO WHO EATS EAGLE? _H_U_M_A_N_ That's all! thanks! ^_^

What does the bald eagle do during the day?

a eagle eats during the day

What eats a bearded vulture?

golden eagle eats bearded vulture

What is the niche of the golden eagle?

What it eats, what eats it, and it's habitat! :D

What eats owls?

should be a eagle

What animal eats a eagle?


What animl eats a snake?


If a eagle eats a mouse that eats some berries the eagle is a?

Despite the berries inside the mouse, the eagle is still a carnivore (a bird of prey).

What body part do eagle use to eat?

A bald eagle eats with its beak

Eagle eats snake snake eats frog frog eats grasshopper grasshopper eats wheat?

plant leaves

What eats the desert pocket mouse?

An eagle eats a desert pocet mouse

What eats a Cooclashoa bird?

An eagle,condors,falcons and owls eats this bird.

What eats a harpy eagle?

pigs and hogs

What predator eats a king cobra?

it can be an eagle

What eats a marsh hawk?

a bald eagle

What carnivore eats a crow?

the carnivore is eagle

What bird eats a penguin chick?


What Eats Hasst's Eagle?

a wolf probaly.

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