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Some people eat ell

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What eats grasshppers?

Birds love them, as do reptiles.

What Ocelots eats?

Small mammals, birds and reptiles.

What does the Indian Python eat?

It eats mammals, birds and reptiles.

What eats a sand spider?

snakes,lizards, other reptiles

What do reptiles from tropical rain forest eat?

it depend on them some of them eats meat some of them eats fruit and vegtible

What eats anole lizards?

Birds, wild cats, larger reptiles...

Which animal eats an average of about once a week?

Snakes and other reptiles.

What eats little mammals?

Bigger carnivorous mammals, birds and reptiles.

What animal eats butter fly?

Lizards snakes and many reptiles

What eats a compton's tortoise shell butterfly?


What eats fresh water?

Nothing "eats" fresh water. Most plants, animals, reptiles, and humans require water.

Do reptiles defecate?

Yes, reptiles defecate. Almost any animal that eats will have to defecate eventually. Reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and humans all defecate at some point in their daily life.

What does a iberian lynx eat?

it eats rodents, birds, small reptiles and amphibians

What eats tadpole?

Fish, birds, other reptiles, and sometimes, other tadpoles too.

What does an harpy eagle eats?

Sloths, Monkeys, small reptiles, and even other birds!

What does a Mottled Owl eat?

a mottled owl eats reptiles, insects, mice, and spiders

What kind of animal eats a eagle?

probely some reptiles such as corcs,gators.or snakes.

What eats reptiles besides humans?

Owls, hawks, cats, dogs, foxes, etc.

What eats a python snake?

Alligators,Reptiles and Crocodiles,Snakes,Pythons.They all eat pythons.

Is the American bittern a herbivore carnivore or an omnivore?

carnvore eats amphibians, fish, reptiles and insects.

What do pygmy rattlesnakes eat?

A Pygmy rattlesnake eats basically reptiles, small mammals, and insects

What is an Ocelots niche?

The tropical rain forest on the ground. Eats fish birds,reptiles, and small rodents.

What eats arthropods?

Birds, reptiles, fish, and even sometimes other arthropods eat each other.

What reptile eats its own young?

All carnivores reptiles will attempt to eat there young if given a chance.

What eats the scorpion?

Some Reptiles will eat scorpions but mostly birds of the southwestern region eat scorpions.