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What eats trout?

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Anything bigger than the trout, (e.g. a panda)

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What eats a cutthroat trout?

I believe a Bull Trout eats a cutthroat trout. I hope this is what you were looking for

What eats a lake trout?


What eats lake trout?


What eats brown trout?


What eats cutthroat trout?


What eats a rainbow trout?

Birds such as the osprey, other larger trout, and humans.

What animal eats trout?

Bears love to eat trout. Humans Humans

What eats mayfly nymphs?

trout larvae

What eats a brook trout?

almost everything

What eats rainbow trout?

small mouth bass

Is a trout an insect?

No, it's a fish that eats insects.

Does a trout eat a phytoplankton?

yes they do eats phytoplankton

What eats a sea trout?

There are many animals that eat sea trout. This includes larger fish such as sharks and sometimes eels. It depends on how big the trout is.

What eats spotted sea-trout?

sharks. i don't know much about the subject, so i can provide much.

What type of consumer is a trout?

its an herbivore and eats zoo plankton

What animal eats a Bull Trout?

A big mouth bass.

What pond animal eats a pond Trout?

A pond man.

What eats trout other than a panda?

Neither giant pandas nor red pandas eat trout. Brown bears and humans do eat trout though.

What eats steelhead trout?

bears and some people feed them to piranas

What animal eats rainbow trout?

my guess is a raccoon probably i have no idea

What eats smelt?

Smelts are a food source for salmon and lake trout.

Is a trout a herbivores omnivores or carnivores?

learn proper grammar actually a trout is a omnivore because it eats plants and small fish and insects

What type of fish does bear eats?

Bear eat the fish known as trout.

If a largemouth bass eats asmall trout that had tiny treble inside the trout mouth will he die?

No! Stomach acids would eventually dissolve metals.

What eats a trout?

Trout are eaten by people (wild trout are delicious - farm raised, meh), birds of prey (like eagles, hawks, ospreys, etc.), brown bears, and other carnivores that they share habitat with.

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