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people started dieing

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Q: What economic changes occured in America as a result of World War 2?
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What changes occured in Spain as a result of the discovery of the Americas?

more slave trade with africa. (:

What was a cultural change that occured as a result of the Columbian Exchange?

Europeans found new opportunities in America.

What was the result of Thomas Jefferson's Embargo Act?

Economic problems in America

Did America have trouble gaining international respect?

America gained respect as a result of economic and military power.

What were the changes in the battle of saratoga political economic and social that result from the event?

i dont know

What were the social and economic changes brought about as a result of the Australian goldrushes?

this question is from the aic assignment paper

How did the us government's role in the economy changes as a result of the Great Depression?

As a result of the great depression,the U.S. government's role in the economy changed by expanding the federal government's role in regulating economic activity and promoting economic growth.

What problem occured as a result of unanticipated urbanization?

Overcrowded living

What change occured in South Africa as a result of the Boer war?


What was cultural change that occured as a result of the columbian exchange?

American opportunities

What changes in agriculture occured in the 1800s as a result of advancements in science and technology?

One change in agriculture that occurred in the 1800's as a result of advancements in science and technology is large scale watering. Other are new crop varieties and inventions of farm machines.

How did Stalins economic changes result in suffering?

Stalin's economic changes caused a mass famine in Ukraine, loss of land by millions of landed peasants, and loss of funds and capital for others. For the labourers who did work in the new factories, conditions were often poor and dangerous.

What has the author Virginia Webb Langdon written?

Virginia Webb Langdon has written: 'Social and economic changes in rural Mexico as a result of industrialization'

What political change occured as a result of Japan's industrialization?

leadership reverted to the emperor

Why was protecting economic freedom important to the founders?

Protecting economic freedom was important to the founders of America because they did not want to be ruled or taxed by the very government that ostracized them. The Revolutionary War was a direct result of wanting economic freedom for the Americas.

Which of these best describes the result of Japan's economic and military changes in the late 19th century?

Japan defeated China in a war for the control of Taiwan and the Korean peninsula.

Why do some kinds of organism live where no others can?

Many organisms are especially adapted to certain conditions, such as a high or a low temperature, a life in water, a life away from water, etc. Pressumably these changes occured as a result of evolution.

What are the different economic and non economic costs of unemployment?

Economic costs is the decrease in goods and services that occurs as result of unemployment but non-economic cost is the increase in goods and services that occur as result of unemployment.

What changes happen at the time as a result of this scientist work?

what changes happened at the time as a result of this scientists work

What changes as a result of the independent?

The dependent variable changes as a result of a change in the independent variable. (Hence the name "dependent")

What do chemical changes result in?

Changes in composition, or what things are made of.

What kind phenotypic changes are the of the result of evolution?

Changes that are genetic

What were changes seen in Rome as a result?

You need to specify what the changes were a result of if you make it possible to answer your question. There were many changes in ancient Rome over the 1,200 years of her history and they were the result of many different things.

What are the economic transformations that occurred in the Atlantic world as a result of new contacts among western Europe Africa and the Americas from 1492 to 1750?

AP World History huh? Well here's my thesis statement: The changes to the Atlantic World as a result of contacts from Europe, Africa and the Americas, though numerous, can primarily be divided into the categories social and economic changes. Specifically; the introduction of religion and a hierarchal structure dramatically and permanently altered the structure and social course in the Atlantic World. Further, the introduction of slaves, indentured servants, and foreign crops all sped the economic development and changes that existed.

What occured as a result of federal troops withdrawing from the south in 1877?

African americans began to lose their rights