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What education and training do you need to become an English teacher?


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That depends on each country and state. It also depends of the level you want to teach. Teaching English abroad as a second language requires sometimes less qualifications than teaching English language in an English speaking country.

AnswerIt takes 4 years to get a degree to teach English. You will have a major and a minor, plus about a year of education courses, including student teaching. However, there are other realities to consider. You may want to check area schools to see what the best teaching minor would be. I discovered that most wanted a PE degree. I did have computer science certification, but they did not hire English teachers for that, since it was part of the math department. Office computing was part of the business department and so you needed to have that certification. In addition, there are periods of time where the English departments have the lowest turnover of all types of teachers. If you want to try out teaching, once you have 60 college hours, many school districts will welcome you as a substitute teacher. For teacher certification, you will have to pass a state test in each of your teaching fields as well as a professional test once you have your degree. AnswerWell, in order to be a teacher k-12 you need to get a bachelor's degree which is 4 years, many teachers go for more. But in order to become a teacher you need at least four years of college.

Yes, that is true but you also need education credits as well as English credits. I have a bachelor's in business and decided to teach after 12 years in business. I am going back to school for the additional credits to get the license. (You can teach in private schools without a license but most will not hire you without the credentials and they traditionally pay less.) It will take 15 months, then I get my license and look for a job. After I get hired I go back for 9 more credits and I will have a masters in education.


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There are a few steps to getting the schooling and training to become a English Teacher. There are both 2 year and 4 year degrees in English education that will allow you to become a Teacher.

In order to try to become an English teacher you should go to college and get your Teaching Degree. A 4 year college would be recommended.

To become a Montessori preschool teacher you must do a Montessori teacher training course.

at an accredited college of education

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Training to be a music teacher could cost anywhere from 2,000 to 60,000 dollars a year. It takes 4 to 5 years of college education to become a music teacher.

first you have to go to school for coriogrify and have a degree and a good background

To become a Montessori preschool teacher you must do a Montessori teacher training course. Go to this website. To teach more higher level you have to do B'ed. Go to Mumbai University.

You need a bachelor's degree in History and a teaching certificate in that area from your state board of education.

In order to become an English teacher one does not need to have a PHD. However further education after high school is required to fullfill a career as an English teacher. Most teachers of English hold a minimum of a Bachelors Degree.

you'll need a degree - in the UK you can either do a Batchelor of Education (BEd) if you want to Primary school teaching, or you can take a subject in a subject e.g. maths, english, french..... and then a 1 year Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) which is basically your teacher training. The first year of your teaching career is also part of your qualification.

To become a teacher, you need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in education. If you wish to specialize in a certain subject area, you can incorporate that into your college program. After completing formal education, you will need to pass a licensing exam.

To become a preschool teacher you will need a Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching degree (3yrs at Uni) or/and a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree(4 yrs)To do either of these degrees you will need to>do the hsc (including a minimum band 4 in both Maths and English and have a UAI of 78 and do any 2 units of English and any 2 units of Maths!!Roxygal9194 xxx

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You will need to attend a 4 year education and major in elementary education. You will student teach for at least a semester.

Teachers at the elementary and secondary level have a minimum of a bachelors degree. Typically the bachelors degree would be in the field the teacher will be teaching (English in this case), though it is advisable to also take courses in education and classroom management. To teach in most public elementary and secondary schools you will also need a teaching certificate, which requires taking education classes (but can be completed at the same time along with a bachelors degree). To teach English at a college level, you would need a PhD. Any college offering both an English major and some sort of education classes or teacher training program would be an appropriate place to study to become an English teacher.

u need to undergo an education degree to become a teacher.u also need to have a training for teacher. because u cannot simply teach students without any rules.

You need to become a teacher, maybe major in bilingual studies

The teacher certification is different for each grade level. You can learn more information about it on this website

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