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What education do you need to be a college art teacher?


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what education need to have a teachers art

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An art teacher attends college in a four-year program with a major in Art Education. To be able to use the degree at a K-12 level one has to pass a teacher certification test. A person with a Fine Arts degree has less preparation in college because courses which are specific to education are not part of the major.

You need to contact your college education department and enroll in a teacher credential program. You will be required to take classes in education, do required state testing, clear a background check, and do a student teaching/internship through an assigned school. When this is done you will be a credentialed teacher and be able to teach.

Hitler didn't have an art teacher - he was rejected from art school. Now you see how important creative education is!

Typically an art teacher needs an education degree for the level they will teach at - elementary ed for lower grades - middle school ed for middle school - high school level for high school (most, but not all states look for an education degree with this kind of age-specific focus) In addition, you would need to have an art specialization. So the result is either an education degree with a heavy concentration in art or an art degree supplemented by the education classes necessary to qualify for an teaching license.

Yes, Boston University has a Art Teacher Education major.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated at the bottom of this answer box.

It depends on the level at which you wish to teach. For example: teaching a high school art class. Although you have to receive the correct credentials to teach, such as certification depending on the states laws and regulations, all you need is a bachelors degree from an accredited university or art school in the appropriate art field. To become a college art teacher you not only need all of the previously mentioned but also you need to have at least a masters degree in an art field and meet certain criteria that said college has agreed upon. Some colleges set a requirement that perspective art teachers must participate in local gallery showings of their artwork.

If you are good enough you can have a successful career in art without a college education. But success in the art field usually has a lot more to do with connections than it necessarily has to do with the skill of the artist. If you go to art school to get a degree, those connections will begin to be formed and it will be much easier.

no you dont cause you dont need to be an art or music teacher you can do other lessons

Fairmont offers the following majors in Education.B = bachelor degreeA = associate degreeEducationArt Teacher Education BBiology Teacher Education BBusiness Teacher Education BChemistry Teacher Education BEarly Childhood Education BEducation - General BEducation of Emotionally Handicapped BEducation of Gifted/Talented BEducation of Mentally Handicapped BElementary Education BEnglish Teacher Education BFamily/Consumer Sciences - Education BHistory Teacher Education BJunior High Education BMathematics Education BMusic Teacher Education BPhysical Education BPhysics Teacher Education BScience Teacher Education BSecondary Education BSocial Studies Teacher Education BSpeech Teacher Education BTeacher Assistance ATechnology/Industrial Arts Education BTrade/Industrial Education BFor the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated directly below this answer section.

Actually, you don't need to attend college to become an artist. It could help you understand the history of art, the forms and shapes of art, the styles of art, and allow you to experiment with different types and forms. You could also use your art to become a art teacher in college. One of the wonderful things about a talent like that is you can paint, or do your art as a hobby and still work.

Art Education Degree Requirements | Academy of Art University ... School of Art EducationStudents must earn a total of 120 semester units with an overall cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.0 in order to receive their degree. A Petition to ... Bachelor in Art Teacher Education degrees in Art Teacher Education: A program that prepares individuals to teach art and art appreciation programs at various educational levels.

Hi, In my view, an art teacher helps students in making arts that are very creative and can sell the art in a higher prize. So education is good. Recently I had visited Euro Art Studio which is an art class center to admit my child. I am really shocked after finding that all teachers are well educated. It's really a great sign of well education. Thank you

you need to know how to draw and paint

Art teachers generally must have a bachelors degree in Art History or an art related major. A degree in education and certification to become a teacher is also a another path.

Typically an art tech would need a university or college degree in order to assist a professor inside the classroom. Louisiana Tech University offers these courses as does California Institute of the Arts.

You dont necessarily need any education to become a manga artist but it helps to have a certain understanding of drawing. (Doing Art in primary school, secondary school and sometimes college.)

degree in art and business

this depends on the area that the teacher is going to be teaching in...also if it is a public, private, college ... etc...

In reference to a college degree, it depends on the type of work one is pursuing. There are art degrees in: Graphic Design, Media Arts, Art History and Art Education. All of these degrees require an advanced degree.

This is a very simple question and like most jobs (besides being an ice cream man/women) you need to go to art college to be an architect, or you need to go to teaching school (as in college) to be a teacher. Hope you understand

To teach within the public school system in the United States at the pre-K through high school levels, you must have a bachelor's degree in a teacher education program from a regionally accredited college or university and state teacher certification. This would take approximately four years to complete as a full-time student, provided you take the program as prescribed by the college or university.If you have not graduated from an education program, you can still obtain teacher certification to teach art by going through the Alternative Route Program in your state.For more detailed information on the Alternative Route Program, click on the related links section ( indicated directly below this answer section.

Art, commercial art Need to be smart, and artistic.

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