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what education need to have a teachers art

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Q: What education do you need to be a college art teacher?
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Is there a certain type of degree you need to become an art teacher?

you need an art education degree.

How many years of training does an art teacher need?

An art teacher attends college in a four-year program with a major in Art Education. To be able to use the degree at a K-12 level one has to pass a teacher certification test. A person with a Fine Arts degree has less preparation in college because courses which are specific to education are not part of the major.

If you have a bachelor's degree in art how do you become a licensed art teacher?

You need to contact your college education department and enroll in a teacher credential program. You will be required to take classes in education, do required state testing, clear a background check, and do a student teaching/internship through an assigned school. When this is done you will be a credentialed teacher and be able to teach.

Who was Hitler's art teacher?

Hitler didn't have an art teacher - he was rejected from art school. Now you see how important creative education is!

What you need to be a art teacher?

Art skills

What degree would you need to be an art teacher?

Typically an art teacher needs an education degree for the level they will teach at - elementary ed for lower grades - middle school ed for middle school - high school level for high school (most, but not all states look for an education degree with this kind of age-specific focus) In addition, you would need to have an art specialization. So the result is either an education degree with a heavy concentration in art or an art degree supplemented by the education classes necessary to qualify for an teaching license.

Who was the first President of the National Council for Teacher Education?

art wise

Does Boston University teach you how to become an art teacher?

Yes, Boston University has a Art Teacher Education major.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated at the bottom of this answer box.

Do I need a college education to have a good career in art?

If you are good enough you can have a successful career in art without a college education. But success in the art field usually has a lot more to do with connections than it necessarily has to do with the skill of the artist. If you go to art school to get a degree, those connections will begin to be formed and it will be much easier.

What people need to have to be an art teacher?

a lot

What education or training is required to become an art teacher?

It depends on the level at which you wish to teach. For example: teaching a high school art class. Although you have to receive the correct credentials to teach, such as certification depending on the states laws and regulations, all you need is a bachelors degree from an accredited university or art school in the appropriate art field. To become a college art teacher you not only need all of the previously mentioned but also you need to have at least a masters degree in an art field and meet certain criteria that said college has agreed upon. Some colleges set a requirement that perspective art teachers must participate in local gallery showings of their artwork.

Do you need art and music to become a primary school teacher?

no you dont cause you dont need to be an art or music teacher you can do other lessons

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