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What education does a parent need to homeschool children?


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It depends on the state I think. In Indiana, for example, there are no laws concerning that. You can homeschool your children even if you did not graduate from High School.


It is new information for me that parent's education matters for their kids enrollment. There would be some laws for some states out there but as far as distance learning is concerned then there are several institutes like UK Open College that does not place such compulsions for registrations. They offer flexible registration with better education.

You just go and check their policies for detailed information.


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No formal education is needed to home school in Michigan.

Homeschooling is regulated by the individual states. Google your state and "homeschool laws."

The only qualification a parent needs is that they be the custodial parent of the child who is to be homeschooled. However, if the child receives instruction from someone other than the parent, that person needs to be a certified child educator. The same thing applies if a parent who is homeschooling their children decides to teach other children as well...the parent who is teaching those additional children would then need to have a teaching certificate. Qualifications vary depending on the legislation in each state. A good resource is The Homeschool Legal Defense Association:

You need to be familiar with your state's homeschool laws. Sometimes credit is given for Physical Education when being homeschooled and is usually written or documented by the parents and provided to the local school board. BUT not all states require PE for homeschool children.

check out this web site. it is a legal defensive team that helps homeschool familys. on this site it will tell you everything you need to know about homeschooling in your state. I am also a homeschool parent.

You can go online to the Board of Education in your state and it will give you the information you need.

In most places, no. Most governments and school districts do not require the parent to have any sort of license or degree to home educate their own children, however some places do require parents to have a legally recognized degree in education or teaching in order to educate their child at home.

children need education to pass in other grades or for their own good.

In most states you don't need to have any type of training or certification to home school your own children. It is recommended that you use home schooling resources, like a local home schooling organization, to help you with your childs educational plans.

You need to have a teaching degree to teach children other than your own... At least that is the law in Canada.

Yes, you need to be certified to teach homeschool. There are certain qualifications that you need to fulfil. A homeschool teacher must have a certified teaching license.

Personally, I don't quite know what an overview of kindergarten homeschool would be. However, I found this great site ( that should have all of the information you need.

If you're in the US, laws vary by state, so you need to check the homeschool law for your state. What is legal in one state may not be legal in another.

Absolutely! However, many single parents choose not to do this, due to the need to work to support their family.

No, you do not need to be certified. There are many ways to become certified, but it is not required. Homeschooling can be a great opportunity for your child, home schoolers tend to stand out among peers.

You do not need a "Basis" to choose home school. It's legal in every state for any or no reason.

Some Fathers and Mothers is very busy in our life in that condescension he/she never care our children. So he/she take want to study our children in home school.

There is no need on any specific software to be a homeschool student. here are what you have to do to start homeschooling.

No. You are the parent and you have every right to teach your child in any way you want. The government has no say in this (with exceptions such as abuse and inadequate education). If you chose to home school then good for you! I wish you the best of luck and hope that you have fun with your child. That's more important than the education itself. It's teaching your child a love of learning.

The following are opinions from contributors... - Home schooling your children is completely your choice. It's your choice what is convenient to you. You need to take into account money, time and your child's welfare. - Definitely. I love being homeschooled because you have more time on your hands and you know a lot of friends from your homeschool group.

I want to work with the children with please let me know if I need some special kind of education.....

children need the 5 basic needs. children need comfort from their parent. Also children need fancy clothes, name brand shoes, the latest jewelery maddest phone. children must get everything they want....

You will need to know how much it can change your life, if your qualified to homeschool, and how much time you will spend doing it each day.

You need to supply more details. Some possibilities:One parent has no right at all the "keep" the children from the other parent.If the children need protection from the other parent you need to obtain a court order.If the couple is not divorced then one party, probably the one who is being kept away from having the children, must apply for a court ordered visitation schedule.If you're divorced, you need to review the court order. It must be followed.

To understand how children develop mentally, cognitively and physically. Even if you don't plan on becoming a teacher, you'll most likely be a parent and this class can prepare you for that as well.

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