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What education is needed to become a cartoonist?


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The main class to become a cartoonist is art.

you do not need an education to become one.

There are no formal certifications needed to become a cartoonist. However, a Master's of Fine Arts with such an emphasis would be invaluable.

Yes you do because you need an education and it is very important to have an education

Classes on animation are offered at most art schools.

Anyone is free to draw a cartoon. It is not a licensed profession.

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Art and drawing should be studied to become a cartoonist. Other courses that are recommended to become a cartoonist are fine arts and graphic animation.

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I do not think that you need certain qualifications. But it will depend on what you want to do. If you want to become a newspaper cartoonist, you probably don't need anything. But for an animatior you probably need an art degree.

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