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Q: What effect did Edmund Barton actions have on Australian democracy?
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What did Edmund barton do for democracy?


Who was Sir Edmund Barton?

Sir Edmund Barton was the first Australian Prime Minister.

Of which Australians present or past have contributed in Australian democracy?

Edmund Barton, Catherine Helen Spence, Rose Scott and Sir Henry Parkes

How did sir Edmund barton influence democracy?

Yes he did

Is Edmund Barton's achievement still important?

the Australian commonwealth and the Constitution

What was the popularity with Edmund barton and the Australian people?

halve of australia supported him

What did Edmund barton achieve?

Sir Edmund Barton's work in the Australian Political scene played a large role in the formation of the federation of Australia and in the draughting of its constitution.

How did edmund barton help democracy?

yes because he was the prime minister of australia

What did Edmund Barton do after he was a prime minister?

He was an Australian judge after his job of Prime Minister

What did Edmund achieve?

Edmund Barton was an Australian political. He was also a judge. His accomplishments include being the first prime minister and being honored on Australian postage stamps.

Did people support Edmund barton?

The Majority of Australians did support Edmond Barton in his fight for Australian Federation. However he was not a popular leader in political circles.

What was sir Edmund Barton religion?

edmund barton's religion