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One effect would be that America wouldn't be able to rely on the support of the League of Nations if it needed it. It also means that the League of Nations wouldn't be able to call upon America, who was, and still is, a rather powerful and influential nation.

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Which was the more important reason for the league of nations to fail?

The main cause of the failure of the league of nations was USA not joining the league.

When the US voted against joining the League of Nations?

The other nations lost some confidence in the league

What reduced the power of the League of Nations?

The U.S not joining.

Why did many Americans oppose joining the League of Nations?

Americans opposed joining the League of Nations because they didn't want America to be involved with other countries' affairs.

Who tried to get congress to approve the US joining the league of nations?

President Woodrow Wilson tried to get Congress to approve the US entry into the League of Nations. The League of Nations was the predecessor to the United Nations.

What are two effects that the US not joining the League of Nations had on the League of Nations?

One of the effects of the USA not joining the league was that it was the most powerful country and that if economic sanctions (trade banning) were made by the league, America could defy this as it wasn't a member, leading to these economic sanctions not working as well so countries would not completely have to listen to the League and the other effect is that the League was not as powerful because there were large countries outside of their

What to nations were not allowed from joining the league of nations?


What prevented the US from joining the League of Nations?

Could not get congressional approval

What is the result of the us not joining the league of nations?

world war two

What legislative body blocked Wilson's goal of joining the League of Nations?

The Senate

Why did the US not enter the league of nations?

congress didn't support it and voted against joining

Under what President did the Senate turn down joining the League of Nations?

Woodrow Wilson

Most americans of the 1920s wanted to avoid future wars by?

joining the league of nations

Did the US not joing the league of nations lead to the start of world war 2?

No, the USA in not joining the "League of Nations" had nothing whatever to do with the start of the second world war.

Which argument did the did the senators who opposed joining the league of nations make?

europeans power would combine to dominate the league agenda

Some americans felt that joining what might lead to fighting in another war?

League of Nations

What did some American feel that joining might lead to fighting in another war?

League of nations

What happened to the League of Nations in the US?

Woodrow Wilson proposed a League of Nations at the Paris Peace Conference after World War One, but the United States never ended up joining it.

How did the US show they were isolationists after World War 1?

The US senate rejected joining the League of nations

What affect did the United States not joining the League of Nations have?

The U.S. Senate refused to agree to the League of Nations treaty which had been negotiated by Wilson. In so doing, sealed the League of Nations to failure. It was impossible for it to actively police the world without the support of the world's largest military.

Who are the people attacking the league of nations?

There were a number of conservative members of congress who were isolationists. They opposed the League of Nations and they did not want the US to become a member. They believed that by joining the League, the US would be giving up some of our sovereignty to a foreign power.

Who fought hard but without success in trying to get congress to approve the US joining the league of nations?

president bush.

What was the American public opinion on joining the league of nations?

They belived that the United States should stay out of European affairs