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Leaving conditioner residue on your hair will cause it to become greasy much faster, resulting in more showers needed.

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Q: What effect does conditioner residue have on hair?
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Does hair conditioner effect the texture of your hair?

In a way, depending on the type of conditioner you have. Usually it softens hair, or strengthens it. Conditioner is a neutraliser for shampoo, so depending on what in is your conditioner will determine what effect it has on your hair. Hope this helps :)

Does using conditioner affect your hair growth?

No, conditioner will only soften, moisturize, and detangle the hair. It will not effect the growth.

Can you wash your hair after you got it colored?

Yes, when washing your hair it will remove the hair color residue. To make your hair color last longer, use a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair.

Can shampoo and conditioner effect alcohol haitstrand test?

no you have to cut your hair

Why is hair conditioner called hair conditioner?

A conditioner is something that improves the quality of another material so hair conditioner is called hair conditioner because it is a substance that improves the condition of hair.

Is conditioner bad for your hair?

Conditioner is not bad for your hair, shampoo is really bad for your hair because it drys out your scalp. Conditioner makes your hair moisturizers

How does Hair Conditioner Work?

Hair conditioner contains oils, moisturizers and other ingredients that helps to make hair healthier. The hair absorbs the ingredients of conditioner.

Methodological limitation on hair conditioner?

Methodological limitation on hair conditioner

Does Pantene Pro-V Volume shampoo and conditioner make your hair oily?

I've used this product and yes it has a deep moisturizer that can leave an oily residue.

Does mixing kool aid with conditioner have a better effect on dying your hair?

No, But Mixing That With Dish soap Works.

Can you mix black hair dye with conditioner to dye?

Yes.after you have applied the hair conditioner,wash the hair and then apply the hair dye

Hair conditioner caurse hair loss?

No however, you should never put the conditioner on your scalp. And comb the conditioner through your hair, then cool rinse it out. You won't believe how good your hair will feel after.

Will hair dye take on hair with conditioner in it?

well wash your hair dye out first then after you have done that put a bit of conditioner on your hair that's what i do

Is hair conditioner is good or not?

Yes, conditioner gives your hair necessary nutrients and vitamins to be healthy.

Is WEN Hair Shampoo Conditioner good for your hair?

It is good for the company that makes the conditioner. Clean you hair every day will be good for you and good for your hair.

Can you use conditioner for oily hair?

you can use conditioner for oily hair...but only an extremely small amount. the conditioner will make your hair even more oily than it was before. i do not recommend using it on oily hair.

What part of the hair structure does a surface conditioner effect?

A surface conditioner effects the hair's cuticle and, to make it penetrate even deeper into the cuticle, an outside heat source is often used.

How do you make hair smoother?

You could use a conditioner or leave-in conditioner that is specially formulated for smoothing hair.

Is it true that conditioner makes your hair shiny?

Yes, conditioner will help moisturize and add shine to the hair.

What is a good conditioner for colour treated hair? -Offer a great conditioner called 'Lavera Mango Milk Care Conditioner for Coloured Hair'. It costs €9.30.

The furminator shampoo for cats us there a conditioner?

There is a Furminator conditioner for dogs, but not for cats. This is because cats clean themselves by licking, and the chemical residue left behind by a conditioner wouldn't be healthy.

How do you get sunscreen out of hair?

step one - wet hair in warm water 2- add conditioner to area caked with sunscreen - massage into hair mixing the conditioner and sunscreen together (the conditioner activates the oils in the sunscreen) 3 - add little water but don't rinse out conditioner 4 - now use reg. hair soap to get conditioner and sunscreen out of hair 5 - rinse out soap 6 - soap again as usual and finish with conditioner or no conditioner as usual END

Does using conditioner leave your hair with fewer knots than no using conditioner?

no. conditioner just makes your hair soft:) Actually conditioner acts as a detangler and moisturizer as well. If the hair is knotting excessively however, it is usually a sign that a haircut is needed.

Can you wash your hair with conditioner?

Yes, you can! I recommend using the same brand of conditioner as you are shampoo. If you have oily hair, use a bit less conditioner, so it does not get worse!

Can you scrunch hair with conditioner?