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The greater the diameter of the fiber that much greater the heartrate will be. Because at the synaptic junction wider surface area will release more neurotransmitter materials which in turn will provoke greater action potential and thus increased heartrate.


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What are the Fibers of the conduction system of the heart?

Fibers of the conduction system of the heart is called Purkinje fibers

Fiber chamber of heart?

There is no such thing as a fiber chamber of the heart.

What has the author Elie de Cyon written?

Elie de Cyon has written: 'Die Nerven des Herzens' -- subject(s): Heart, Heart Conduction System, Innervation, Heart conduction system

What does word dromotropic means?

increase conduction of heart

What is the average transverse diameter of a human heart?

it is 32cm in diameter

What is the interruption of these impulses in the heart's conduction system?

Interruption of the impulses in the heart's conduction system is known as heart block. Heart block may be caused by scar tissue from a heart attack, among other things.

What is the function of the intrinsic conduction system of the heart?

To keep your heart beating in a rhythmic, productive pattern.

What is the term for heart transfer because of direct contact?


The conduction system for the heart begins in the sinoatrial node?


Is the AV valve a part of the conduction system of the heart?


Is fiber a vitamin?

No Fiber is not a vitamin. Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate that adds bulk to your stool. Studies have shown that fiber may reduce the risk of colon cancer as well as have a positive effect on heart disease/lowering cholesterol. An adult female should have ~25-30g/day and an adult male should have ~30-35g/day.

What is the parasympathetic effect on the heart?

The parasympathetic effect on the heart is to slow the heart rate.

What does fiber do in your body?

Fiber helps the body with your digestive system, colon, diabetes, Heart, and your weight. Fiber helps with your digestive system, by preventing constipation, by softening the stool in your intestines. Fiber helps with your colon, by preventing colon cancer. Fiber helps with diabetes, by help controlling of the blood sugar levels. Fiber helps with your heart by lowering the risk of heart failure, and helping with your LDL. Fiber also helps with your weight, because it makes you full.

What is a heart-healthy diet program?

A heart-healthy program is always high in fiber diet. Fiber not only helps you loose weight but its great for your heart. When you have a larger gut, that puts strain on your heart.

Does fiber decrease heart disease?


Why does oatmeal help heart?

because it has fiber in it

What is the role of the nodal system in heart physiology?

Normal impulse conduction

What Neurotransmitter decreases heart rate and slows AV conduction?


What kind of muscle makes your heart?

You call it as cardiac muscles. The muscle fibers contract rhythmically. The muscle fibers are attached to each other end to end. This facilitates the conduction of the impulse. The muscle fiber can be stimulated to give you contraction of the the same.

What is conducting system of the heart description of the components of the conducting system of the heart site and function?

The cardiac conduction system is the conducting system of the heart.

What are the four structures that compose the conduction system of the heart?

four structures that compose the conduction of the heart

What is the difference between a sinoatrial node and an atrioventricular node?

the SA node is located in the right atrium (one of the 4 chambers of the heart). It is where the elctro chemical conduction begins and sets the hearts pace. The AV node is located "downstream" in the conduction system of the heart and is a node where the nervous system has input into how quickly the conduction travels.....i.e. fast heart rate (tachycardia) or slow heart rate (bradycardia)

What is the heathiest fruit in the world?

Apples - high in fiber, lowering the risk of heart disease.Bananas - also high in fiber. Benefits muscle function and heart health.

Which of the following is not part of the conduction system of the heart?

The AV ValveAV Valve

What part of the conduction system prevents the ventricles from beating as fast as the atria?


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