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If there was no friction then the ball would just slide instead of roll

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Q: What effect does friction have on a rolling ball?
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What kind of friction does a rolling ball have?

A rolling ball has rolling friction.

Why does a ball come to a stop when you roll it on the floor?

Gravity has a little effect on it. However the main force stopping the ball rolling is the friction force of the floor. The ball will stop rolling when the velocity of the ball is the sames as the velocity of friction force.

What brings a rolling ball to a stop?

Friction. Friction.

Does a ball rolling down a hill cause static friction?

Friction is one force causes a ball to roll downhill. The smaller the static friction coefficient, the more liable the ball will be to skidding instead of rolling. Static friction is involved in a ball rolling downhill.

Why does a rolling ball stop rolling?

Friction translates lateral motion to rolling motion, but it can slow down a rolling ball because it opposes the motion of the ball's lower surface to do so. This removes momentum from the ball.When a ball combines rotational and translational motion (rolls), friction acts in the opposite direction of the motion. This in turn should produce a torque by the frictional force i.e,[u.m.g*R] where R=radius of sphere , u = co-efficient of friction. The torque produced should increase the angular acceleration and therefore the body should rotate with greater speed, but as we know, the rolling sphere stops after a certain time.REASON: When a sphere rolls, the surface in contact with the sphere is depressed and the surface just in front of it is raised. So when the rolling sphere strikes this raised surface, the normal reaction instead of passing from center of mass passes through a little bit away in the forward direction of the motion. Therefore the torque produced by this is greater than the torque produced by the frictional force, and opposes the motion of the body until it comes to rest.

What friction is the type of friction produced by wheels or ball bearings?

the friction produced by objects such as wheels or ball bearings is called rolling friction

What stop's the ball from rolling in the moon?

Friction between the ball and the ground.

What Kind Of Friction occurs when moving parts have ball bearings?

Rolling Friction

Why does a ice-hockey puck have less friction than a ball rolling on the ground?

Ice has a much smoother surface than the surface of the ground, therefore there is less friction acting on the hockey puck compared to a ball rolling on the ground. Ice is nearly a frictionless surface.

What causes a ball to stop rolling?

the friction and the motion of the ball both combined

Why does a ball stop when it is roll?

Because of rolling friction, gravity, and fliuid friction (air)

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