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What effect does latitude have on climate?

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Latitude has everything to do with climate . - The tropics are between 23.5S and 23.5N latitude, - here high temperatures are the norm. Either way north or south from this, ambient temperatures get lower and climate is cooler as you move towards either pole.

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How do latitudes affct the climate?

Latitude (lines of latitude) are imaginary lines circiling the Earth, the do not effect climate.

How does the geography of Germany effect the climate of Germany?

The latitude?

What are earths main climate zone and how does latitude effect the climate zones?

tropical,temperate and polar

How do climate and vegetation vary with latitude and altitude?

Latitude and altitude can dramatically affect climate and vegetation. Climate and altitude both have an effect on temperature. This temperature is a big factor in what will grow and what will not.

How does elevations effect the climate of a region?

ocean currents, mountains, elevation, and latitude

How does Miami latitude affect its climate?

"Latitude" is a purely human invention, and has only been around for a few hundred years. No point on earth knows or cares how we define or describe its latitude, and its latitude has no effect on its climate. Long before latitude was invented and Miami's had been measured, the climate there was exactly the same as it is now.

What does the impact of latitude do for climate?

what is the the impact of latitude on climate.

How does latitude relate to climate zones?

Latitude relates to climate zones in one way. The climate zone determines the latitude.

Which two factors have the greatest effect upon climate?

Latitude and Radiation.

What is the climate to high latitude?

it is sever cold climate to high latitude

How are latitude and climate related?

latitude is one of the four factors that affect climate. lines of latitude may be farther or closer to the equator, which determines the climate. for example, if the lines of latitude are farther from the equator, the climate will be colder than if the latitude is closer to the equator.

What is the influence of a latitude line on the climate?

Latitude lines are imaginary. They have no influence on climate.

What is the climate of the high latitude regions?

The high latitude regions have a polar climate.

What are the three climate regions that are based on latitude?

the three climate regions that are based on the lines of latitude are the tropical mid-latitude and the high latitude

How does latitude effect the climate in canada?

In Canada, like in all other parts of the world, the latitude affects the climate because the closer to the poles you get, the colder it is. At 20 degrees north, it is colder than if you are at 45 degrees north

How are climate patterns related to each zone of latitude?

Latitude effects climate change

How does latitude affect the climate of various regions of the earth?

It affects the climate because the climate zone is determined by the line of latitude.

Is latitude and longitude connected to climate?

Latitude is definitely conected with temperature and as a result climate. Longitude as such is not.

What does latitude do to the climate?

the lower the latitude the higher the temp.

Is your latitude or your longitude a better predictor of the climate?


How does the climate of a place effect the latitude?

The climate does not necessarily affect the latitude, but the latitude may affect the converse. This answer definately needs improvement, however you can tell by looking at a map that the farther away a country is from the equator, the colder it gets. For example, look at the latitudinal distance from the equator of Northern Canada and Antartica.

How does a tropical rain forest biome latitude and longitude have an effect on the types of precipitation and climate of the area?

I had the same question, it does not I believe

How does the latitude of Vancouver affect it's climate?

vancouver's latitude is 49.16 N-. So, the climate is moderate.

What is the opposite of polar climate?

low latitude climate

What is mid latitude steppe?

a mid latitude steppe is a middle latitude climate with slightly more precipitation than a middle latitude desert climate high yearly temperature range

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