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Q: What effect does the appearance of the rifle have on the villagers?
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What effect did radiation have on the general appearance of the seedlings?

What effect did radiation have on the general appearance of the seedlings

Can villagers open iron doors on mincraft?

Iron Door have a different effect on the Villagers. Iron doors don't count as valid doors in a village,

What effect did the black death have on church and peoples belief?

the villagers thought that the the people of the church had sinned because the villagers thought that you would only get the plague if you had sinned....

Can your player get fat in animal crossing new leaf?

Although villagers will sometimes make remarks about your character's appearance, it is not possible for your character to gain weight.

What is the value of beemans R1 air rifle in good working condition and appearance?

75 dollars

How can you tell if a rifle barrel is worn out?

Appearance and measurement of the throat of the barrel, using a wear guage.

What is a gesture of noble appearance but with empty effect?

beau geste

Do the sharks kill villagers on virtual villagers?

Haha no they do no harm to the villagers

What is a frosted bore on a rifle?

the bore looks similar in quality to "mirror" in respect to condition except that it is not shiny. Has a dull appearance to it. This is invariably due to lack of timely cleaning after the rifle has been fired with corrosive primed ammunition. Bore has kind of a sand blasted appearance.

How do you get collector assaualt rifle on mass effect 2?

The collector rifle can be found in the collectors edition or in the Recons Operation Pack

What did villagers wear?

What do villagers wear?

Do villagers eat in minecraft?

No, villagers do not eat.