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What effects did mummification have on society at the time?

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gave enough information about the human body to create mediceans

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Mummification can be linked to your present society?

I don't believe it can.

What society or culture practiced mummification?

Most famously the ancient Egyptian societies practiced this method of preservation, but it is not exclusive to them and some cultures practice a form of mummification to this day.

What is a primary source for mummification?

The primary source for mummification is actual mummies and text references to how it was done at that time such as The Book of the Dead.

What are the cons of mummification?

Mummification was a burial practice in ancient Egypt. The biggest con of the practice was that it took a very long time.

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Is there still mummyfication?

Egyptians no longer will purposefully mummify their dead because the beliefs in that society have changed. The whole reason for mummification was so that the person's Ka and ba could find them in the afterlife, but this is no longer belived, hence no mummification.

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What is the difference between mummification and embalming?

Mummification is the preservation of the soft tissue of a body by any means, natural or artificial. Embalming is the deliberate preservation of a body for any period of time. This includes what we commonly term "the process of mummification" in Ancient Egypt

How has mummification contributed to modern day society?

Through it we have learned all about the culture and customs of the ancient egyptians. We have learneed about their beliefs.

What are the relationship between the historiography written at the time and the society?

The effects of major events are still unknown but there is no presentism at play.

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What words describe mummification?

Death, Wealth,Mummification

What is the modern name for mummification?

Mummification is the real name for it.

How did the mummification process change over time?

they made mourturay temples and stuff.

How did mummification change over time?

When mummification was first being used, the embalmers may not have known what chemicals and supplies were the best to use. Over time, they could test different things to see what provided the best results.

What is good sentence about mummification?

The mummification process is not quite complete.