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Q: What effects do you use in the song master of puppets by metallica?
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What is the Heavy metal song with the lyric after after?

Could you mean Metallica's Master of Puppets "master, master"? Could you mean Metallica's Master of Puppets "master, master"?

What is the hardest song in Guitar Hero metallica?

The Hardest Metallica Song Would Probably Be Hit The Lights Or Whiplash Or Master Of Puppets

What is the beginning song on the Totally Spies movie?

it is master of puppets by Metallica

What is your favorite Metallica song?

day that never comes/ enter sandman/ master of puppets for me master of puppets but that's just my opinion

What song won metallica madness?

Itwas Sad but true or Master Of puppets

What is the name of the song used for the career intro in guitar hero metallica?

master of puppets... i think

What is the song in the Guitar Hero metallica commercial?

Probably "Master of Puppets", That's the animated commercial

What is the best thrash metal song?

My opinion would be: Trapped Under Ice-Metallica or Black Magic-Slayer Society's answer is: Master Of Puppets-Metallica

What is the best metallica song?

the prince from the album garage inc. good song but i think disposable heroes (master of puppets) is their best.

What is metallica's most popular song?

There sre several most popular ones. Its really hard to choose one, but IMHO its Master of Puppets.

What is the hardest song on Guitar Hero metallica?

i havent played all the songs but the hardest one i played was seek & destroy by metallica Master of Puppets is probably the hardest song to play on Guitar. maybe that one too

What is the Greatest song by Metallica I think it's Master of Puppets but I am not sure?

its really a matter of opinion and you cant really pick just one song but my favourite are : (master of puppets), (sanitarium), (the unforgiven I) and (seek and destroy). Nothing Else Matters is my favorite. The day that never comes Metallica is a great band but I don't think there the best you guys/gals sould cheak out Dream Theater now there great