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What effects does soda have on teeth?

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Phosphoric and citric acids are found in soda these acids and the high amounts of sugar make the enamel of your teeth soft and in time break them down and even stain them.

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soda effects your teeth because the sugar just digs into your teeth.

rotten teeth tooth decay getting you teeth pulled out getting hyper

Loss of tooth enamel which make you lose your teeth quicker so try not to drink too much.

All, it the acid in the soda the rot's your teeth

Soda erodes enamel on teeth because of the acids and sugars from the soda!

The pictures rot just like the teeth will rot. I think the question needs to be rephrased to "How does soda affect teeth?" or "Why does soda affect teeth in pictures?"

Yes, Soda is bad if you drink to much of it and it can ruin your teeth. Juice is better for your teeth than soda.

well, soda rots the enamel of your teeth, causing cavities to be easier made. and it makes your teeth yellower.

Coke is the soda that corrodes your teeth. However, Pepsi and RC cola are close behind Coke. Root Beer is the safest soda for your teeth.

your teeth :) but it will take a LOT of soda

Uhm well i dont kno exacly but im pretty sure its coca cola and pepsi...

Yes!! Baking soda not only can be used on teeth, it can whiten you smile!!!

don't use baking soda cover your teeth with whiteout

All carbonated soft drinks are acid and they can slowly dissolve the enamel from your teeth. They include cola, ice tea, 7-up, etc.

Teeth rot in soda because of the acidity level of soda. Colas are only one level different from that of battery acid.

Soda is acidic & erodes your enamel.

Soda doesn't decay teeth but it causes an acid environment in the mouth which facilitates the decay of teeth by Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus.

Yes, you can whiten your teeth with baking soda. Mix baking soda and water to make a paste and brush on your teeth for one to two minutes every other day.

Well in general soda is not good for your teeth, but if it is in a recipe that bakes the soda in to it, it should not affect your teeth, but if the recipe is not baked it will most likely have some affect on the teeth. but as long as you brush your teeth after words, shouldn't be to big of a problem.

There is acid in soda that can wear away the enamel and also soda stains the teeth if it is a dark soda. Soda's also contain a lot of sugar that can get into the grooves of the teeth and can cause decay.

Soda teeth is one of the primary reasons for tooth decay. Everyday as more and more sodas are consumed, the sugar and caffeine in these soda drinks are can have a real damage one ones teeth.

The sugar in it sticks to your teeth. if not brushed, then in starts to acumulate bacteria and begins decaying your teeth, commonly in the crevises of your teeth. The decay creates a hole after a while also called as a cavity.

The worst soda that can affect your teeth are coke and pepsi because of the strong acids.The strong acids are to strong for your teeth and then ruin them.

The acid in the soda can harm the enamal on your teeth, also drinking a lot can stain your teeth! Once the enamel is gone, it's gone for good!

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