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Q: What effects the rate at which different frozen liquids melt gatorade milk water salt water?
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What happens to frozen water that is different from most frozen liquids?

Frozen water (ice) is less dense than liquid water, which is why it floats. When water freezes, its molecules form a crystalline structure that causes it to expand, unlike most liquids that contract when they freeze. This expansion is why ice floats on water.

Can liquids and gases be frozen?

yes it can

Are frozen liquids solids?


Are all solids frozen liquids?


How many different Pokemon effects are there?

6:Asleep,Burned,Confused,Frozen(in the games) ,Paralyzed and Poisoned

Does frozen milk have more mass than non frozen?

Frozen milk has more mass than non frozen milk because of how liquids freeze. If you think of it, solids have more mass than liquids because of how tightly packed the molecules are. Just like water, frozen milk will have a larger mass than non-frozen milk.

What is earths liquid frozen as?

Generally, liquids on Earth freeze into what we call ice, or sometimes snow or hail. All liquids have a certain temperature at which they will freeze but they are often referred to as ice once they are frozen.

When and how does air freeze?

Ice is frozen liquid, mainly water. Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius or 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Other liquids freeze at different temperatures.

What were the effects of frozen food when it was invented?

it last longer

What is a type of starch used to thicken liquids that keeps its binding power even after it has been frozen?

Flour and cornstarch both work in foods that are later frozen.

Does Pluto have liquids?

Pluto does have water in the form of frozen ice and methane gas and carbon monoxide. It's core is probabaly frozen ice and gas that is solid.

What is the solubility when the liquid freezes?

Solubility is only defined in liquids, so if frozen it doesn't say a word