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Generally, I never buy D'addario strings. They're very tough and can be really painful when its .10 standard tuning. The better string are like GHS, ERNIE BALL, ELIXIR or BLUE STEEL. These basically do well with any gauge (thickness) so try them out and see which one you prefer.

2008-11-16 15:57:45
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Q: What electro strings should a solo guitarist use in terms of thickness?
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How often should you replace guitar strings?

If you play daily withour wiping down your strings when you are through? Change your strings once a week. If you consistantly wipe off your strings between use/ songs, then once a month should be enough. What type of strings/guitar are you using? Classical/ nylon strings need changing much less often than steel strings do.

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The frequency at which a string vibrates is a formula that depends on the mass of the string and the tension on the string. If you used the same size wire for all 6 strings, you would have more tension on the treble side, and less on the bass side causing the neck of the guitar to warp. To keep the neck of the guitar from warping, all of the strings should have about the same tension on them, so different sizes of wire are used for each string.

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Why does the classical guitar start buzzing when you change strings from steel to the recommended nylon ones?

Once a guitar has been built and strung, it must be 'set up'. Among other things, this involves setting the 'bridge' of the guitar to a level where the strings will sit at a comfortable level above the frets (this is known as a guitars 'Action'). A guitar is set up to accomodate the strings already on the guitar. If you change from thin strings to thicker strings, they will not sit adequately above the frets. When said strings are played, they will rattle, or buzz, against the metal frets. To rectify this, you should either ask a guitarist to show and explain how to set your bridge, or take the guitar into a shop and ask an assistant to do this for you.

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No, but you should be very careful to only use it on the strings, and not on the body of the guitar.

What type of strings should beginners get for guitars?


Can you put classical strings on a non classical guitar?

It is not recommended. Classical strings need a wider neck and proper tuning and bridge assembly to sound correct.Use steel strings for dreadnought type guitars and nylon on classicals. Any guitar with removable pegs should use steel strings. A guitar with holes through the bridge but not body should have nylon strings.

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Thought I've never tried this, I highly doubt using bass strings on a guitar would work. First of all, the bass string likely wouldn't fit inside a guitar's tuning peg. Also, the action on a guitar simply wouldn't work with a bass string. As far as pickups go, I'm not sure what bass frequencies would do to a guitar pickup, but i wouldn't try.

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Can you replace steel strings on your guitar with nylon strings?

If you try replacing the strings by using original nylon stings,you will not be able to,because it does not have a ball at the end of the strings, therefore it will not stay in position. There are nylon strings which are made with a ball end,you can use these strings on an acoustic guitar. If you can get them fitted, there should not be a problem. There will be a difference in sound. And be aware that it is not a good idea to replace nylon strings with steel strings, as they place more stress on the guitar neck and can result in breaking the guitar.