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What element are light bulb filaments made out of?


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Tungsten, a metal with a very high melting-point.


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It was thought that carbon would be the best material for filaments because it is the element with the highest melting point of 6,510 ยบF.

He made it out of carbonized paper filaments in an evacuated glass bulb.

The filament of a light bulb made out of an element known as tungsten.

Filaments in light bulbs are generally made of Tungsten (W).

Incandescent bulb filaments are typically made of Tungsten, a transition metal.

Because of the heat, out of all the metals, tungsten has the highest melting point.

The answer is iron. It is used to make steel for tools,machinery,and light-blub filsments. +++ Not the light-bulb filaments. They are made from tungsten.

Light bulb filaments are usually made of tungsten, which has a very high melting point. Occasionally carbon is used as a filament.

A light bulb is made from ukraine by 2000 workers that die per bulb

tungsten is a wire used in making filaments of the bulb.

When current passes through the filaments, they get super hot and give out a glow. Mostly these filaments are made out of tungsten as they cool down fast.

No. Laser light is coherent. Light bulb light is not.

A light bulb is made out of three items. A filament produces the light, glass gives the light bulb shape and controls the brightness, and the base allows the bulb to be placed in a socket.

he made the light bulb sytem in 1886. He actually made the light bulb in 1885 to be exsact

There were three people that made the 1st light bulb. The three people that made the light bulb are Thomas Edison, Joseph Swan and Haram Maxim.

The incandescent electric light bulb was invented by Thomas A. Edison.

The light bulb was created by Thomas Alva Edison.

i think because it made light and it was a bulb

in 1856 Edison made the first light bulb :]

Incandescent light bulbs have filaments which are made mainly from the element tungsten and/or alloys which include tungsten.Tungsten is the metal element used for the filaments in incandescent light bulbs.Experiments were made with different materials to use as the filament, including natural fibres, pure metals and alloys of different metals, to find the material which had the longest life whilst glowing brightly enough to give out visible light. The metal Tungsten was found to be the best, because of its high melting point (almost 3700 K) and good resistance to electrical current.For more information see the answer to the Related Question shown below.Carbonized cotton was originally tried, and had moderate success. However, the material that finally worked the best was a filament made of tungsten, which shone brighter and lasted much longer.It is made up of Tungsten which have an melting point of 3380 degree Celsius.

Most incandescent bulbs have one filament. Some halogen bulbs working on 240 v have two filaments in series, which must be to simplify manufacture of bulbs being made for 120 v and 240 v in the same factory.

The bulb has a filament made up of tungsten and a low pressure inert gas (argon, neon, nitrogen).

no Tomas Edison made the light bulb

The first electric light bulb was made in 1880

Light bulbs are made out of glass.

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