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Q: What element can be collected as a silver liquid in the electrolysis of table salt?
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What element can be collected as a silver liquid electrolysis of table salt?


Can be collected as a silver liquid on the electrolysis of table salt?

Form a proper question.

What element is a shiny silver liquid?


Element tha is shiny silver liquid?


What is the colour of Mercury element?

Mercury is a silver colored liquid.

What is the colour off mercury?

the planet is brown and the element is a liquid silver

How is silver electrolysis done?

In electrolysis, electric current is passed through a silver nitrate water solution, with silver, gold bullion, dore serving as the anode.

At room temperature is silver a solid liquid or a gas?

A solid..... The element silver is a solid at room temperature.

How do you collect the silver from silver bromide?

by electrolysis or by chemical process

What element is was used in thermometers?

Thermometers with silver liquid in them contain mercury.

What is the element notation for Mercury?

Symbol for mercury is Hg, shortened from the Latin word 'hydrargyrum'(This comes from from "hydra- " = water, liquid and "argyros " = silver. So: 'liquid silver' )

What is the appearance of the element Mercury?

At room temperature, mercury is silver-coloured, metallic and liquid.

What does the element silverAG DO?

The element Silver (Ag) has atomic number 47 and is a transition metal. It has 47 electrons in 5 shells and is part of the Copper family. Silver is often used as an electrode in electrolysis as it is quite unreactive. It is also used in the photographic industry to develop images.

Give an example of a metallic element and a nonmetallic element that ordinarily occurs as liquid?

zinc,silver,gold and more:)hope it helped

What is chemical formula for silver oxide?

i think electrolysis

What is the colour of the element mercury?

The same as that of the element silver, the color of which is called "silver" as a color also. A major difference is that mercury is liquid at room temperature and therefore is often more reflective than silver, which is susceptible to tarnishing.

What is liquid silver?

Liquid silver is melted silver. Sometimes the colloidal silver is also called liquid silver.

Is silver a mixture compound or a element?

Silver is a chemical element.Silver is an element

In electrolysis of dilute silver chloride what is discharged at the cathode?

I think the cathode will be coated in silver.

Is mercury solid?

The planet is solid. The element is actually a liquid. It has been referred to as "quick silver."

What does the element mercury look like?

In its liquid form it looks like silver water but in its solid form it looks like a silver metal.

Is silver nitrate a element?

no silver is an element nitrogen is an element silver nitrate is a compound

What is the physical state and appearance of the element mercury?

At room temperature, mercury is a shiny, silver-colored, liquid.

How is silver and gold separated?

Two methods--electrolysis and parting--are used to separate silver and gold in silver-gold bullion

Is a pure silver coin an element?

Silver is element number 47 -- Ag. A pure silver coin contains the element silver, but the coin itself is not an element.