What element is a metal and a non metal?


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These types of elements are called metalloids. There are a few: Boron, Silicon, Arsenic, Germanium, Antimony, Tellurium, and Astatine.

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The element selenium is a non-metal.

Solid non metal is carbon.

methane is a non metallic element.

Radium is a Metal element.

Xenon is achemical element and a Non Metal

Fluoride is the ion formed by the element fluorine, which is a non-metal.

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IONIC=metal + non-metal COVALENT=non-metal + non-metal *you can use you periodic table to figure out if a compound is and metal or non-metal.

Yes, the element Carbon is a non-metalelement.Coal is not an element, it is a substance, but it definitely doesn't look to be a metal: black, not shiny mirroring in light, not malable, ... etc.

Arsenic is a harmful element. It is a non metal.

An element that is not a metal is a non-metal (e.g. carbon) or inert gas (e.g. Argon).

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no, but there are metalloids, which have properties of both metals and non metals

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