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Q: What element is in all of Rube Goldberg's inventions?
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What is rube goldbergs contributions to science and cartoons?

He drew cartoons of inventions that did simple things in a very complicated way. His inventions involved many complex systems of simple machines, all organized in a logical row, to accomplish a simple task .

What did all of Rube Goldbergs's cartoons have in common?

They all had in common an overly elaborate contraption that essentially performed a simplistic task .

What inventions could Nikola Tesla not make?

All his inventions were electricity related.

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China's inventions were paper, n dats all i memeba

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what inventions were made in the 1700 -1900 was absolutely nothing at all.

Did Nikola Tesla have something to do with math?

Math plays an important part in all Tesla's inventions but his inventions fall into the electricity inventions category.

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The cast of All Balled Up - 1916 includes: Madge Kirby as Madge Rube Miller as Rube Alice Neice as Alice Arthur Tavares as Art

Why did Archimedes invent all of the inventions he did?

i think Archimedes's invented his inventions cause they deal with math

How did inventions help the United States?

Inventions have helped all nations. Which inventions and what help they have provided depends on the nation and the invention was. You need to be more specific.

What are two Chinese inventions that we have all used at one time or another?

There are many Chinese inventions that we have all used at one time or another. Two Chinese inventions that we have all used at one time or another includes paper and the compass.

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Necessity is the mother of all inventions?