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Arsenic shares properties with Phosphorus and Antimony.

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What is the element that have similar properties as phosphorus?

Phosphorus is in the 15th column of the periodic table (Nitrogen group) That means that it has similar valence shell electronic properties as nitrogen arsenic antimony bismuth

Do arsenic and nitrogen have similar properties?

Arsenic and nitrogen are members of the same group of the periodic table of Mendeleev - group 15 (pnictides); the have have some similar chemical properties but the differences are also very important.

What element in the periodic table is similar to lithium?

All of the Alkali metals have similar properties to Lithium.

What element on the periodic table has properties that are most similar to nitrogen?

Elements in the same group as nitrogen have the same chemical properties.

Which element has similar properties to sodium?

Each element has similar properties to the other elements in its group on the periodic table. Sodium is an alkali metal, and those are the elements in Group 1 of the periodic table of elements. We know that lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium and francium all have similar chemical properties.

Which element would you use to predict the properties of ekasilicon?

Gallium and arsenic because they are ekasilicon's closest neighbors, and would therefore have very similar properties

Name two elements that have properties similar of those of the element sodium?

Lithium and potassium have properties similar to those of the element sodium because they are in the same family, or group, on the periodic table.

Which element on the periodic table has properties that are similar to those of nitrogen?

The elements belonging to same group i.e 15 has similar properties. For eg- Phosphorous

What is the lightest element on the periodic table with properties similar to bromine?

Fluorine, at the top of the periodic table column that includes bromine.

What are 2 elements that have properties similar to those of arsenic?

The two elements that have the most similar chemical properties to arsenic are Phosphorus (P) and Antimony (Sb).

What element has similar properties as lead?

Tin has similar properties as lead.They are placed one above each other in the 14th group of periodic table.

In the periodic table which elements have similar properties?

Groups, or columns, in the periodic table have similar properties.

What is a Lanthanide?

A lanthanide is an element between lanthanum and lutetium in the periodic table, which have very similar properties.

Which element occupy the same group in the periodic table?

Elements that have similar chemical properties occupy the same group on the periodic table.

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