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Lyndsy Fonseca who is known for her role in the movie Kick Ass attended St. Joseph Elementary School. She is an East Bay native.

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What elementary school did William Howard Taft attend?

he attended local schools

What middle school did Barack Obama attend?

he attended several elementary schools they are State Elementary,and St.Francis Catholic School.

What schools did Julia Roberts attend elementary - college?

FitzHugh elementary Griffin middle school and Campbell high school

What elementary schools did John Glenn attend?

John Glenn attended New Concord Elementary School in New Concord, Ohio.

How do you use schools in a sentence?

There were so many public elementary schools for Julianna to attend, but her parent just had to pick this one!

Were did Jerry Spinelli attend school?

The schools he attended were Hartranft Elementary and Stewart Junior High School

What elementary school did John Adams attend?

he did not attend an elementary school

How old do kids have to be to attend Montana elementary schools?

Five if it starts at a kindergarten level.Six if it starts at frist grade.

Where did Mother Teresa study her elementary education?

She was home schooled as girls were not allowed to attend schools in Albania at the time.

What schools did Steve Jobs attend?

Monta Loma Elementary, Cupertino Middle School and Homestead hIGH sCHOOL.

What elementary school did Alice Walker attend?

ruiz elementary

What elementary did Mariah Carey attend?

Clay Elementary School

What elementary school did tyler perry attend?

Harwich Elementary

What elementary school did Jessica Alba attend?

Lamar elementary

What percent of students attend private schools in Canada?

In 2003-2004, about one out of every 16 children in Canada, or 6.4 per cent, attended private elementary or secondary schools.

Did President G W Bush's daughters attend public or private schools?

President Bush's daughters both went to a public elementary school followed by private high schools.

What schools did Gloria Steinem attend?

she actually attended to Lincoln high for high school i don't know about middle school or elementary school

Did Mitt Romney attend a Catholic school?

No. He attended public elementary schools and then attended Cranbrook School, which is a private boys preparatory school.

What schools did Adolf Hitler attend?

Adolf hiter when to school at General Vanier Elementary, Volksschule (classed as Primary) and Realschule (classed as secondary).

What elementary school did Will Smith attend?

Actuall Alot of people think that he only went to lamberton but he actuallywent to2 elementary schools he went to Our Lady Of Lourdes in Philadelphia,PA where he graduated from and he went to lamberton after that.

How can you tell which elementary schools are the best?

You can find out revealing information about elementary schools, such as benchmark test scores, by contacting your state department of education. This and other statistics are usually online. If possible, visit with parents of children who attend a school you are interested in, or visit the school yourself.

What elementary school did Chris Brown attend in Virginia?

Bellwood elementary

Where did Sarah Palin attend elementary school?

idiotrod elementary school.

What elementary school did Cameron Newton attend?

Bicentennial Elementary School

Did john Adams attend elementary or secondary school?

Elementary School.

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