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i think its water and soap

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Carbon Monoxcide is made up of what elements?

The answers in the name! It's made from Carbon and Oxygen, its called carbon monoxide because theres one oxygen atom, carbon dioxide has two. it can be made by burning carbon in a low oxygen environment; 2C + O2 ----> 2CO

What elements make up a diamond?


What elements make up graphite?


What elements are in a pencil?

Carbon in the part where you draw with and then the elements that make wood which again is mostly carbon but there are many more elements that make up wood.

Which elements make up the compound Carbon Tetrachloride?

Carbon and chlorine.

What are t he elements that make up carbon?

carbon is itself an element, so no other elemen can make it up

What are the two elements that make up steel?

The two elements that make up steel are mainly carbon and iron.

What elements make up molecules of sugar?

Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are the only elements that make up sugars.

What elements make up gunpowder?

Carbon and Sulfur.

What elements make up butane?

carbon and hydrogen

What elements make up brick?

Hydrogen and carbon

What elements make up basalt?

carbon and hydrogen.

Which elements make up teflon?

Teflon is made out of the elements carbon and fluorine.

What are the four elements that make up protein?

The four elements that make up a protein are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.

What elements make up carbohydrates?

Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen make up carbohydrates.

What elements make up caffeine?

Caffeine is are up of carbon and potassium

What elements make up nucleic acids?

Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus are the elements that make up nucleic acids.

Name one of the elements that make up carbon dioxide gas?

Carbon and oxygen.....

What elements are chalk made of?

Calcium, carbon, and oxygen make up the elements of chalk.

What elements make up fructose?

Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen

What elements make up fats?

Carbon hydrogen and oxygen

What elements make up methane?

Carbon and Four hydrogen

What elements make up protein?

carbon hydrogen and nitrogen

What elements make up sucrose?

carbon, hydrogen and oxygen

What elements make up mild steel?

Iron and carbon.

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