What else can aspartame be used for?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What else can aspartame be used for?
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Aspartame and saccharin are used for what in pharmaceutical?


What can you do about aspartame side effects?

Simple, absolutely avoid aspartame! People who have used aspartame with severe side effects imitating MS and Lupas have seen their symptoms gradually or immediatly disappear following the abrupt end to their aspartame consumption.

What is the molecular weight of Aspartame?

aspartame is a synthetic sweetening agent used in Pharmaceutical preparations and its Mol. Mass is 294.3 g/mol

Why is use of aspartame limited to cold foods and drinks?

Heat has a negative effect on aspartame and therefore is not used for very hot foods or drinks, stevia can be used as a sweetener where high heat is used.

What is aspretain?

It is actually Aspartame, a sweetner used as a sugar substitute.

Is there aspartame in splenda?

No, the artificial sugar used in splenda is sucralose.

What artificial sweetener were used in Voortman Cookies?

Sorbitol & Aspartame

What is the ingredient used in diet sodas that cause cancer?


Do hermesetas contain aspartame?

The Hermesetas website says that Hermesetas Gold DOES contain a blend of ASPARTAME and something else! So it issomething to weigh up when considering the question of just what products contain apartame.

How many syllables are in aspartame?


Does truvia contain aspartame?

Truvia is an artificial sweetener that is manufactured jointly by Cargill and The Coca-Cola Company and does not contain aspartame. The ingredients used are Stevia leaf sup, Erythritol and natural flavors.

Is aspartame organic or inorganic?

Aspartame is inorganic.