Cougars, Mountain Lions, and Pumas

What else do pumas eat?

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Pumas are what we call carnivores, meaning they only eat other animals with meat.

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Does pumas eat vultures?

Pumas as top predators and will eat about anything else, including vultures. It is interesting that a vulture will not eat another vulture, but other predators will eat them.

What animals eat pumas?

The American Black Bears eat pumas

What do pumas eat in the rainforest?

pumas eat birds and small mammals

Do pumas eat fish?

Pumas are carnivores. They do not generally eat fish, but do stalk, kill, and eat animals such as deer and zebra.

What do pumas and jaguars both eat?

pumas eat deers elks and mooses jaguars eat insects berries and fresh meat

Do coyotes eat pumas?

Pumas are among the big cat family and are more powerful than coyotes. Coyotes normally eat animals that are below them in the food chain and Pumas are not.

What do pumas and jaguars eat?

Pumas eat mostly deer and Rodents, Jaguars eat birds, sloths, turtles,rodents,reptiles,frogs,and deer.

Do pumas eat mountain lions?

No. Pumas and mountain lions are actually the same animal.

How do pumas survive?

They eat stuff.

Do pumas eat plants?

no they dont

Do pumas eat birds?


What decomposers eat pumas?


Do pumas eat rabbits?

yes they do

Do pumas eat hawks?

Pumas do not consider the hawk to be a traditional food source. Pumas have on rare occasion eaten a few hawks though.

Do mountain lions eat pumas?

Mountain lions and pumas are the same animal, Puma Concolor.

What effect do pumas have on their environment?

Pumas do not have a major impact on their environment besides taking the prey they need to eat.

What does pumas do for a living?

Pumas kill and eat deer, raccoons, squirrels, foxes, rabbits and skunks for a living

Can pumas eat jellyfish?

o ya

What eat a anteaters?

mainly pumas and jaguars

What do pumas like to eat?

they like to eat just about anything that passes by.

What does a puma eat that are plants?

Pumas are obligate carnivores and eat no plants.

Can pumas eat hawks?

Yes, they grab the hawk from the air and eat them

Do boy pumas live longer than girl pumas?

yes because they eat little boy and lions

How does a puma eat?

pumas eat deer rodents like mice and rats

Do pumas eat foxes?

yes they do yes they do yes they do yes they do

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