What else floats on water?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What else floats on water?
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Why dry ice CO2 floats?

CO2 floats because its density is less then water. Anything will float if its density is less then water. That is; when a certain volume of CO2 (or anything else) weighs less then the same volume of water.

Do cattail floats on water?

Yes. It floats on water

Can float on water?

Of course. Fresh water floats on salt water, warmer water floats on cooler water, and ice floats on any water.

What does the phrase takes you out on water mean?

If you are on the water, you're on top of it, so you'd either be on a boat or a raft or a surfboard or something else that floats.

How does ice floats on water?

It is less dense than water, therefore it floats on water.

Why you float in the water?

Because on average you are less dense than water. That is why anything floats on anything else. It is also true that the weight of the water you displace is equal to your weight.

What else floats besides wood?

A duck!

Why kerosene floats on water?

kerosene floats on water because kerosene is less denser than water

Record how high the foam floats in water?

Record how high the foam floats in water.

Why wood floats on water?

the density of water is higher than the density of wood... & so an iron piece sinks & a ton of wood floats...

How can water float on water?

freeze water as ice cubes then put it on water and it floats Liquid fresh water floats on salt water Warm water floats on cold water (water's greatest density is when it is 4 degrees Celsius).

Why ice floats in in water?

The reason why ice will float in water is because ice is not as dense as water, therefore, it floats.