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Neutrinos can be nearly as fast as light. All electromagnetic radiation (light, X-rays, gamma rays, radio waves, microwaves) travels at the same speed. Gravitons, if they exist, travel at the speed of light.


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This is because nothing else in the entire discovered universe moves as fast as the speed of light!

Its The Same For Everything Else, It Really Depends On The Brightness. Fast Moving Graphics Can Sometimes Use A Little More Light Than Everything Else. Overall: Its The Brightness Of Your Device/TV.

Both are fast but light is faster by far.

it will grow fast in light because plants need light

about as fast as light

Just as fast as light travels anywhere else; the speed of light in a vacuum is constant - about 300,000 kilometers per second. If you refer to the time, you can divide the distance (about 150 million kilometers) by the speed; after converting to minutes, in this case the result is about 8 minutes and 20 seconds.

as fast as lightning or as fast as light

light travels very fast! it travels in the form of waves.

If you are moving at the speed of light, then "how fast" has no meaning.

Fast as thought or speed of light

Because light is fast. And a flash is light. And flash memory is fast.

All electromagnetic radiation or massless particles are capable of moving as fast as light.

Because the speed of light is the same for every observer, no matter how fast or in what direction he may be moving. Everything else in between is just algebra.

you have a light out that way it signal fast

Well, it can vibrate very fast.

Light is faster than sound

Shadows move as fast as the light casts them does.

Light travels 186,000 Miles per second that is very fast!

NO!!! The only Honda that is fast is the NSX Everything else is wimpy slow

Light. Nothing moves faster than light

as fast as a cheetah running from extinction

light must disintegrate at the speed of light, continiously disintegrating as fast as its produced by its source of input,or slitely slower then it's output of its source

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