Leopards and Panthers

What enemies does a leopard have?


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Leopards vs other Animals

The enemies of the leopards are crocodiles and the other cats in the family like the lions of tigers.

Each have battled for food or land.

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They barely have enemies. Humans are the enemy.

The Emperor penguin's enemies are Leopard seals.

The Enemies leopard enemies are people, loins, hyeanes, wild packs of dogs and male leopards because they will eat the baby leopards.

The hyena's enemies are the Lion and the Leopard. However, Hyena's are usually a threat to Lion Cubs and Leopard Cubs.

a leopard enemy is a tiger,lion and a bear oh my

their enemies are hyenas,lions,elephants and rhinos

The natural enemies are The Orcas and sharks.

Leopard,lions and hyenas

Yes. Their enemies are the killer whale and leopard seal, and some other birds like the skua.

leopard seals,killer whales and people

Skuas, leopard seals, and Killer whales

A King Penguins Worst Enemy is a Leopard Seal

The leopard is an enemy of the toucan and also any carnivorous bird.

Yes, usually lions, hyenas, and other leopards.

Crocodiles, hyenas, and wild dogs are all enemies of the lion, who is otherwise an apex predator along with the leopard, cheetah, and panther.

A leopard geckos enemies are other lizards or geckos. NEVER put two of them in the same tank especially two males. you may not have problems at the time but I guarantee that you will later. Leopard geckos like living alone. if you put them together they will eventually fight until death.

The term black panther may refer to a melanistic (black) leopard or a melanistic jaguar. A leopard would have no problems getting along with another leopard even if it were black. I doubt a leopard would get along well with a black jaguar, however.

Snow leopard ,wild dogs,bamboo rat, eagle and howler monkeys

baboons. A big enemy to any type of leopards are poachers.

hello there are 2 main enemies of the chimpanzee the leopard and sadly the human :( . The very smart way of handling with the enemies is they take large sticks and branches then throw them at the predator Hope this helped

Because the leopard is at the top of the food chain is called an apex predator, adult leopards have very few natural enemies. However, a threat can be another leopard, lion or tiger that it may encounter in the wild. Leopard cubs may be preyed upon animals that include birds of prey, hyenas, or other large felines.

The main enemy is man. The snow leopard is a other enemy, dogs are enemies too because of man. Panda bears rarely have a enemy after them.

Humans, wolves, other snow leopards, eagles, and male ibex.

polar bears, killer whales, sharks, dolphins [sometimes]. And also Leopard Seals.

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