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many they've been building Z's for almost 20 years...

1st gen i don't know,

2nd gen, 88-94 the z's came with either a 3.1 or 2.8 V6, auto or 5 spd will have specs (they might have had 2.3's in them also, I'm not postiive on that one though)

3rd gen, 95-03 had the 2.4 DOHC either 3 or 4 speed auto tranny (4t40 or 3t30)or 5 speed, they had getrag and another type for those years, not sure what ones are what years..

03-05 has 2.2 ecotech, and I'm not sure on drivetrain, they come in std and auto...

AnswerIf you're looking for swaps - the answer is "none but stock without serious and expensive modification."
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 10:57:18
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Q: What engine and transmission fit into the Chevy Cavalier Z24?
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