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Any Engine Oil Type viscosity Rated SAE-40 would be sufficient for this engine model.

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Q: What engine oil is required for Toyota 2c turbo engines?
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What motor does a 1988 Toyota supra have in it from the factory?

There were two different engines in the 1988 Supras(MKIII) there was the turbo-charged 7MGTE inline 6 engine, and the N/A 7MGE which was not turbo-charged.

Can you add a turbocharger on your Toyota model 5k engine?

can you add a turbo charger to a Toyota cressida with a 7m- ge non turbo engine?

What engine does a 2001 Toyota supra have?

2jzgte (Turbo) or 2jzge (Non Turbo) vvti engine

Can you swap 95 eclipse turbo engine in to 98 eclipse turbo?

yes. both engines are the 4g63. the turbo engines from the 1990-1994 is a 6 bolt 4g63 and the turbo engine from the 1995-1999 is a 7 bolt 4g63.

Can you swap a non turbo engine for a turbo engine in a 96 eclipse?

Yes but it is not worth it. The engines face opposite ways.

Is a 1986 Mercedes diesel a good engine?

The answer is yes and no. If the engine is turbo diesel then yes it is a good diesel engine. If there is no turbo do not rely on this engine. The non-turbo engines are almost like a human without lungs and they do not perform at peak levels. Although the German engineers can pull off most anything... I do not recommend the non-turbo engines. The turbo engines can go into the 300,000 mile markers if the engine is maintained well and you might end up having to change the turbo at the 250,000 thousand marker.

Did ford make turbo engines for mustang GT?

No , not for a Mustang GT which has a V8 engine There were four cylinder Mustang engines that had a turbo version available

How much horsepower does a 1991 Toyota MR2 have?

130hp for the normally aspirated engine (non turbo) and 200hp for the turbo engine.

Does the hdi engine have a turbo?

Yes, some HDi engines are fitted with turbo chargers, not all of them though

What type of engine need rotor head?

Turbo Shaft Engines?

Why not turbo charger used in electronic engine?

Electronic engines do not have exhaust gasses. Therefore a turbo has no way to operate because a turbo functions off the exhaust gasses of a engine.

Can you put a turbo onto a 4y toyota engine?