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The English adjective "insular" derived from the Latin word insula, meaning "island."

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Q: What english ADJECTIVE derived from the latin word for island?
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What is a bird called in latin?

If you're looking for an English adjective derived from Latin, it's "avian", from avis, "bird".In Latin itself, the adjective is actually aviarius(-a, -um).

What English root means calidus?

The English root "heat" is derived from the Latin word "calidus," which means warm or hot.

What is the dog derived adjective?

Canine (Latin Canis - dog)

Does the moon heve a greek or roman name?

"Moon" the English word stems from the Proto-Germanic word *mǣnōn.The principal modern English adjective pertaining to the Moon is lunar, derived from the Latin Luna. Another less common adjective is selenic, derived from the Ancient Greek Selene (Σελήνη), from which the prefix "seleno-" (as in selenography) is derived.

What is the writing system of English called?

We use the Latin alphabet, which was derived from the Greek alphabet, which was derived from the Phoenician alphabet that derived from cuneiform which derived from pictographs (hieroglyphs)Latin alphabet for English: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZLatin alphabet for Latin: ABCDEFZHIKLMNOPQRSTVWXGreek alphabet: ΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩ

What is an English word derived from the Latin root meaning to settle?

The English word derived from the Latin root meaning "to settle" is "sedentary."

What is the Latin word for 'translucent'?

The Latin equivalent of the English adjective 'translucent' is perlucidus. The Latin adjective also may be translated into English as 'bright, shining'. Another English translation is 'transparent'.

What does Kelsey mean in Latin?

"Kelsey" does not have a direct translation in Latin. However, it could be loosely translated as "from the ship island," as it is derived from the Old English word "cæg," meaning "ship," and "lēah," meaning "island."

What is the English word for caused by disease derived from a Latin word for disease?

Morbid, derived from the Latin morbus (disease)

How is mortal derived from Greek mythology?

It is not. It is a Latin adjective, mortalis, meaning deadly.

What language is incognito from?

The term "incognito" is originally from Italian, derived from the Latin word "incognitus" meaning unknown or unrecognized. It has been adopted into English as an adjective to describe something or someone in disguise or concealing their identity.

What is an English word derived from the Latin root meaning fire?

in latin: ignis means fire (ignite is derrived from this) and flama means flame