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Berry Gordy Jr. The founder of the Motown Record Company in Detroit, Michigan.

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What is the entrepreneur Jerry Yang best known for founding?

Jerry Yang is a Chinese entrepreneur who is best known for founding the website Yahoo. He created the company in 1995 and is also the former chairman and CEO.

What is the difference between entrepreneur and an employer?

The difference between the two is a entrepreneur is the owner of a company, and a employer is working for someone. Entrepreneur is the launcher, organisor and owner of a company.

which person is an example of an entrepreneur?

An inventor who creates a new computer company

The funding for the founding of virgina came from a company?

The founding of Virginia was funded by the "Virginia company" in 1607.

What is a sentence for the word entrepreneur?

He is a very promising young entrepreneur.The entrepreneur finally found an investor for his ideas.

What is women entrepreneur?

Women who have started their own company.

What do you call someone that owns their own company?

An entrepreneur.

What are the most successful entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone that takes risks. Usually invloving business or money. So the most successful would be and entrepreneur who takes risks for the better of his company.

What is the past tense founding a company?

founded a company. it isn't that hard

In 1594 shakespeare became one of the founding members of what acting company?

Shakespeare became one of the founding members of the Lord Chamberlain's Men company.

Would you rather be an entrepreneur or a manager in a big corporation?

I would rather be an entrepreneur. So, I will be the boss of my own company and I can help people by employing them.

What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a sole proprietorship?

Entrepreneur is an innovator, someone who creates a new company/business/corporation. Proprietor is the person who owns the company on his/her own. All the shares, liabilities, equities, and assets belong to one person - proprietor. Following this logic, I suppose that Entrepreneur can be a Proprietor and vice versa. Entrepreneur can also own a corporation that does not only belong to him/her.

Black entrepreneur who started his own cookie company?

amos fortune

What are the major skills of an entrepreneur?

Being able to take major risks for the company

Name the black entrepreneur who started his own cookie company?

famous amos

Types of enterpreneur?

There are seven basic personality types of entrepreneurs. The Manager Entrepreneur who is in control, The Setup For Failure Entrepreneur who always has back up plans, The Lifestyle Entrepreneur who thinks they can change customers lives, The Cash-flow Entrepreneur who usually makes very little because they reinvest so much to the company, The Wannabe Entrepreneur who always dreams and talks but never tries, The Headlines Entrepreneur who becomes successful, and The Better World Entrepreneur who is into charity.

What are the similarities between entrepreneur and businessman?

They are both being involved in certain business but not literally together i mean in others. I mean that the entrepreneur has his/her own business but it is his/her own. he started it by himself. The businessman has his own business but he invests only , it is not his own business or company not like the entrepreneur it is his own company/ brand name of any thing.

What is the difference between entrepreneur and ceo?

Entrepreneur is a person that creates new ventures and is his or her own boss. A CEO is an executive employee of a company, that oversees the whole business machine.

What is a good sentence using the word entrepreneur?

Two examples: A well known entertainment entrepreneur staged the concert for free. Bill Gates is an example of an entrepreneur as he was able to capitalise on his strengths and vision in order to build Microsoft into a multinational company.

What is the difference between Intra company and Inter company accounting?

An intracompany is a business managed by a manager acting as an entrepreneur. An intercompany is a company that has many different divisions.

What do you call a person who takes financial risks to start a company?

A person who takes financial risks to start a company is called an entrepreneur

Tom Monaghan is created for founding what national company?

Domino's Pizza.

When were the Harley Davidsons made?

The company sets its founding date as 1903.

Who desings Lamborghinis?

Since its founding the company has had many designers for their cars.

In 1594 Shakespeare was the founding member of which actor's company?

Shakespeare was one of several founding members of The Lord Chamberlain's Men, which was chartered in 1594.