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the Kwakiutl lived in longhouses.

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River in area inhabited by the Kwakiutl?

The Kwakiutl live on the northern part of Vancouver Island. The river in the area is the Campbell River, and is a very diverse environment.

What is environment for the Kwakiutl?


What kind of home did the kwakiutl live in?

the kwakiutl lived in plank houses

What kind of houses did the tribe Kwakiutl live in?

The Kwakiutl lived in a plank house.

Where did the Kwakiutl Indians live?

in the nothwest canda is were they live

Where did the Kwakiutl tribe live?

The Kwakiutl tribe lived and still live on northern Vancouver Island and the nearby mainland of British Columbia.

Where did the Kwakiutl live?

pacific northwest : NOT southwest .......

What region did the kwakiutl people live in?


What geographic region did the Kwakiutl live in?


Where do the kwakiutal live?

The Kwakiutl Indians live in British Columbia, Canada.

Were do the kwakiutl live?

somewhere over the rainbow,stupid!

What kind of house did the kwakiutl live in?

tall j

What states did the kwakiutl Indians live in?

Oregon and Georgia

What climate did kwakiutl Indians live in?

Rainy and Mild..

What depends on the water cycle?

A map were the kwakiutl live

Where do the kwakiutl Indians live?

they live on the border of Canada and Washington State. _yours truly, Dumbo

What region did the kwakiutl indians live in?

northwest coast cultural region

What type of climate did the Kwakiutl Indians live in?

Very little rainfall

Where do Kwakiutl live?

In the Pacific Northwest Coast. British Columbia, Canada

What kinds of tribes live in a longhouse?

The Kwakiutl and the Delaware lived in longhouses

Where did the kwakiutle Indians live?

The Kwakiutl Is From The Coastal Areas By the Washington State, And Idaho.

What kind of climate did the kwakiutl live in?

The climate that the Kwakiutl lived in was hot during the summer months. Winters were colder, but not too cold. They lived in the coastal areas of British Columbia.

What did the kwakiutl trade?

what did the kwakiutl make and trade

How was the Kwakiutl government?

The Kwakiutl had a hunting-and-gathering government

Did the Lakota Indians live west of kwakiutl?

no theyoccupied lands in both North and South Dakota