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some place that is not too hot or not too cold

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Will marigolds grow best in dirt sand or pebbles?

Marigolds will grow best in sandy or loamy soil. They can also grow well in a clay type of soil.

What is the best fertilizer for marigolds organic or maricle grow?

Miracle Grow is the best i think cause i have tried it before it has worked

How long does it take for marigolds to grow in runescape?

It takes Marigolds 17.5 min. to grow from a seed to the finished product.

What are man in the moon marigolds?

Man in the moon marigolds are an african type of marigolds who need a lotos sun to grow.

What is a good temperature to grow marigolds?

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How fast do marigolds grow?


What is the best environment for a plant to grow?

The best environment for cosmos is, inside The tropical rain forests provide best environment for plants to grow very fast.

What interesting things can you grow marigolds in?

you can grow marigolds in interesting things such as gravel, shreaded newspaper, water, soil and fertilizer mix, and sand

When to plant marigolds?

The summer time is the best to plant marigolds. :)

What Ph do Marigolds grow best in?

Between 5.5 and 7 (7 being neutral and anything lower being acidic)

What is the plot for marigolds?

This is best

What organism seems to grow best in acid media?

Molds and yeasts appear to grow the best in an acidic environment.

Can marigolds grow together?

yes but you have to be careful they might fight lol

Why do plants grow in different places?

it is important to know in what kind of environment they will grow best

Can you grow a marigold in water?

Well sortof there are these plants called water marigolds......

What type of environment to fungi grow best in?

under the sun where its warm.

What environment makes mold grow the best?

Mold grows best in dark,damp, and warm places

Can guinea pigs eat marigolds?

They can eat some Marigolds, but not all of the different types. With as tempting as it is, it is best to stick with the Marigolds that come in with the Timothy hay. They also have mint and Carrots. My Guinea pigs love the carrots!

Are marigolds vascular plants?

a couple of species of marigolds are a couple of species of marigolds are a couple of species of marigolds are

What seeds grow best in the heat?

Well, assuming you mean any type of seed, cacti grow well...If you want a flowering plant, choose marigolds, begonias, or petunias. Beware: they're annuals, so plant in the spring!

Why do they grow marigolds between broard beans?

I think it's to inhibit the fly that's attracted to it

Do marigolds grow better with cold tap or sugar water?

it grows in cold tap better

Why wont my marigolds grow in potting mix?

maybe it's because the potting mix isn't the best for your marigolds, or if it's too hot from where you are, it may be soaking up all the water, thus not being the potting mix's fault. i suggest you call or go to home depot an ask for certain.

What is the best soil for growing marigolds?

Any kind of soil will due.

Why does miss lottie grow the marigolds?

because the flowers remind her of va%*nas and she like va%*nas

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