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What episode do Ichigo and Rukia kiss?



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Urmm Ichigo and Rukia never kiss, stop asking because we don't know, sorry if this is a little harsh but why don't you read/watch instead of asking? Kubo knows it better than any of us here...

I kinda have to agree with this comment but i think that if kubo actually did put a scene where ichigo confesses to Rukia or Orhime

personally i would think it would be Rukia.

I mean think about it the look Ichigo gives Rukia when shes injured is more deep and passionate than that when Orhime ever gets hurt, even Orhime realness that she can't replace Rukia. Obviously has a special place in Ichigos heart

and she's obviously is more than a friend to Ichigo.

And no matter how much they fight or have a spat or get on each others nerves They Always Remember what they have been through together.

Yeah, I know that Orihime confesses to Ichigo while he's asleep, and then Rukia, I think, nearly/was going to confess to him when they were coming out of School and she said she needed to talk to him then decided not to. As far as I know, the closest thing to a kiss in Bleach is when Orihime nearly kisses him then doesn't. I'm not taking any sides here, because the whole Ichiruki/Ichihime argument is really overrated. I have to say, I like Ichihime more than Ichiruki, but I can see where every Ichiruki fan is coming from when they say it's more likely to happen, and I respect their opinions, but from what I've seen theres just been more romantic stuff in Bleach with Ichihime than Ichiruki. People say that it's just Orihime's stupid crush, but I dunno, I think Ichigo contributes to it aswell? It's just my lil' dream :3 But, yeah, I really don't think Kubo'll put any pairing in which is sad. ANY Pairing is good, 'cuz I still like Ichiruki even though I like Ichihime better :D