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Episode 9 Season 1 (in both versions)

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Q: What episode does sakura cardcaptor capture the sword card?
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What episode did Sasuke run away and sakura trys to stop him?

that is episode 109 and sakura did a terrible job doing that.she thought that she could talk sasuke on staying at the leaf village.but she mostly talked about her feelings for him and how she could make him happy.when sakura is finished talking,sasuke says," after all this time you are still annoying.(hint episode 3)then he starts to walk away and sakura says if you leave i will scream.which makes sasuke disappear behind her and says thank you, and then knocks her out.he puts her on the bench and leaves.that is the main part of episode 109. this episode we make you cry if you watch it in English.

What happens when sakura gets stabed by a sword?

It wasnt acully sakura it was a clone i think, but i know for sure she didnt die.;)

What episode did Naruto get the Dragon Sword?

He did not get the Dragon Sword in any episode, since it is only in a video game.

Which episode does gohan use the z sword?

he doesent use it but he pratice with it The Z Sword is the twelfth episode of the Majin Buu Saga

Is suigetsu zabuzas nephew?

No,Suigetsu Just Took Zabuza's Sword And U Can Find That Episode At Naruto.Com Episode: Zabuza's Sword 115

What do you think will happen when Sasuke and Sakura finally meet in Shippuden?

sakura got surprise to see him and he came down and pull his sword and tried to slash naruto's head off.

In which episode does Sesshomaru get a new sword?

Depends on which sword! Tokijin= episode 45 in season 1 And for Bakusaiga it is episode 17 of Inuyasha: The Final Act, it hasnt been released in English yet, but it is subtitled!

What episode does ulquiorra go into Resurrection?

Ulquiorra releases his sword in 269 and he goes into his resurrection in episode 270

In what episode of The Wire did Avon Barksdale say ''The old man always said Live by the sword die by the sword.?

Some episode in Season One I think..Sorry i couldn't be of more help

What episode did Kirito fight The Gleam Eyes in Sword Art Online?

Episode 9 - The Blue eyed Demon

How do you beat episode 4 the mystery of the Mayan sword on ben 10?


Will they make a movie or episode about naruto and the dragon sword?

It seams unlikely