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Naruto cries in the rain in ep. 153 because of the death of Master Jiraiya.


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Am not sure which Episode it is BUT i can tell you around the time it happened. IT was when Kakashi and Yamamoto and Naruto sakura kiba shino and ino and the rest sent out to find itachi. But before Itachi and Sasake had a fight. I think am not sure

Naruto shippuden: episode 142 Itachi cried the night of the uchiha massacure, right after sasuke struck him with a kunai

His team leader's (like kakashi is to naruto) death. He also starts smoking in memoriam.

I think you're mistaken for the OVA. If its for the last battle between Naruto and Sasuke then its the OVA. But if you're thinking of a movie then you might thinking of the first Naruto Shippuden movie with the prediction of Naruto dying.

The theme or song played around the middle of Naruto episode 217 is ' I cry'.

Naruto Episode 135- The Promise That Could Not Be Kept Shikamaru finally cries in this episode. Around 9:20 or something like that. Episode 129-135 are so saaaad!

I don't remember but it's one of the last episodes in Naruto series 1.

Bleach, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Devil May Cry, Hellsing, (one anime) Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and Inuyasha. I know you will enjoy these anime.

First of all he doesn't die, but if he did, she probably admits she likes him, afterall SHE DOES, she started liking him later on in the shippuden, idk which page or ep. but she does, and cry, cry alot.

The 6th opening, "No Boy, No Cry" runs from episode 129 to 153.

Well, there are some episodes where she has cried for him. I think, 109 is one, and 110 are the only ones I remember.

No Sasuke and Naruto do NOT love each other,even though they had an accdentall kiss in episode 3They kissed twice im guessing your watching the shippuden well do you remember the SECOND kiss that they had and the cute moments in naruto shippuden episode 194. They have an unusual bond that even love cant even explain them since they fought alot and sakura and all and him being a guy. Well to me there relationship is a love-hate-friends-enemy relationship which is really quite complicated. I bet when they try to kill each other for real they will cry... :D

yes but not super cried but in the 1st episode of naruto she said shewould have feeling to him that what i heard

He doesn't cry in any episode.

the first time naruto and sasuke fight is in the third episode of season 5, ep. 107 The Battle Begins: Naruto vs. Sasuke.Then again from the end of season 5, ep. 128 A Cry on Deaf Ears through the beginning of season 6, ep. 134 The End of Tears. the following meeting between sasuke and naruto occurs at the end of season 2 of shippuden, ep. 51 Reunion, and a fight between the two ensues in ep. 52&53 The Power of the Uchiha and Title of season 2. in america, shippuden is in it's 10th season, so far naruto and sasuke have yet to cross paths again since the last time in season 2.hope that helps :)

what episode does kagome NOT cry? that would really be the question!

I'm positive there's more than one episode, but there is a scene in Pokemon Symphonic Melody that Ash is sitting in the rain alone.You could try Google or Youtube.

Opening theme: No boy no cry by Stance Punks Ending theme: No regret life by Nakushita Kotoba

The duration of Trees Cry for Rain is 1980.0 seconds.

He cryes in (part 1) episode 1, 19, 44, 80, 135, 201, 215, Part 2: 30,

she cry coz she realize how she treat naruto like an animal but in the inside sakura have a feelings for naruto, coz in naruto and naruto shippuden their are scenes that she get mad to girls who flirt naruto like the ugly girl who kissed naruto, sakura said while she's kissing naruto "hey get off of naruto " and sakura punch her =).. NARUSAKU RULEZ! She will get mad of course, but later admit to her own feelings. I still think she will reject him at first and it will take a while and few more girls for Naruto before Sakura will fall head over heals for him

try the Pokemon episode gotta catch ya later in the end when ash misty and brock were seprating in misty's flashback the series is called Pokemon masterquest

* Caution: The following answer contains spoilers.*He loves his baby brother. Even though he dosen't show it much, there are a few times in the show where you can spot it.For example, in episodes 84 and 85, (Regular Naruto), Itachi murders the whole Uchiha clan because he was ordered too, but he dosen't kill Sasuke because he loves him too much. You don't find this out until episode 140-143 in Naruto Shippuden...where the reason why Itachi killed the Uchiha clan is explained.Anyway, when Sasuke and Itachi are fighting in Naruto Shippuden, ( episode 135-139), you'll finally get to see some brotherly love from Itachi. Itachi has always loved Sasuke, but he just never tells him until Sasuke is killing him....which is quite sad.

saki hugs arisa in episode 5,000,569,123,456. it was a very intimate moment. it made my dog cry. i wish they could play it again sometime. I've only seen it once.

Sonic cries in Sonic X episode 52.

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