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Shippuden 136

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Q: What episode in Naruto shipuuden does Izuna fights Madara?
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What episode does yundaime fights madara?

Shippuden 248

In the Naruto Shippuden manga does Naruto fight in the 4th great ninja war that Madara Uchiha announces during the manga chapter of 468?

Yes, Naruto fights Madara in chapter 562 (, you can read manga chapters on

Is naruto and sasuke going to fight again on shippuden?

Yes madara said so himself on manga 463 page 10

What Naruto episodo is it when Susuke fights Naruto on the water?

They start the fight in episode 128 and ends it in episode 134

What episode in Shippuden does Hinata fight?

Hinata fights the Pains in episode 166 of Naruto Shippuden! it is alos the episode where she confesses her love to Naruto.

What episode of naruto does saskue fight dedira?

Sasuke fights Deidara on episode 122

When does Tobi fight?

Tobi fights against Konan and is victorious in the episode called Breached Mind. This is episode number 213. Tobi fights Naruto and a group of fighters in the Naruto Shippuden episode number 134. The name of the episode is Banquet Invitation.

Naruto what episode did Naruto fight with Tobi leader ogf the akatsuki?

I'm not sure of when Naruto fights Tobi alone, but there is an episode in Shippuden in which he fights Tobi with a group of six or so shinobi whilst on a quest for Sasuke. This episode is number 134, called "Banquet Invitation".

Which episode does naruto fight the real pain?

well pain attacks the leaf on episode 157, but naruto actually naruto fights the real pain in episodes 162-166

What episode was it when naruto fights saskue for the first time?

No.2 of season 1

When does deidra make his first appearance on naruto?

i think its in the 3rd or 4th naruto shippuden episode when he fights gaara

Does Naruto get to meet a nother tailed beast exept garaas?

Yes in Naruto Shippuden Killer Bee he fights Sasuke he fights Sasuke in episode 143 and helps naruto out of blood prison :P