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It was during the preliminary rounds of the Chunin Exam Naruto episode 46-47.

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he doesn't fight him at all.

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somtime from episode 150 to 200

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Q: What episode in Naruto when Neji fought with the spider?
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What episode of naruto does Neji learn sharingan?

Neji doesnt have Sharingan

What Naruto episode that Naruto vs suske on the waterfalls?

After Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Choji, and Naruto set out to get Sasuke, Naruto goes on ahead 4 other times while the others fought the Sound Ninja 4. The episode he found Sasuke was Episode 128. They fought/had many back flashes from 128-134.

What episode is Naruto vs Neji?

115. Your Opponent is Me! 116. 360 Degrees of Vision! The Byakugan's Blindspot! 117. Losing is not an option!

Which episode does Neji catch tenten?

In naruto shippuden episode 14: water prison scene

What episode of naruto does Neji fight kidomaru?

~Kimimaro dies in episode 127

What episode of Naruto does tenten Neji and Naruto fight against Noroimusha?

They fight him from episodes 162 to 166.

What episode does Naruto fight Neji?

Neji fights Naruto from episodes 60-62. Neji tells Naruto his past, and i have to say, it very deep (;D). As a bonus to your question, he is in episodes 22-25, then briefly in episode 27. Also in: 33-34 and they show him in 37. From episode 38-50 they show him and he speaks a little, and in episodes 46 and 47 he fights Hinata.

Does Neji kisses Hinata?

Yes, there were many hints, especially in the recent episodes of Naruto. Watch episode 306.

Does Neji beat Naruto at the battle?

no....naruto beats neji.

Does Sakura know that Hinata love Naruto?

Yes.because a certain episode in chunnin exams ,sakura noticed when hinata fought with neji,she used the same words as naruto,that she would nevergive up,and also sakura phrases to naruto,that hinata reminds her of him or some thing.

In what ep does Neji catch tenten?

In naruto shippuden episode 14: water prison scene

What epispde on naruto did they birng byakugan back?

If you're referring to the episode in which Neji is chosen to bring back Hinata from the Cloud shinobi, that is episode 192 in Naruto Shippuden. But if you're talking about the episode where Hiashi tells Neji the truth about his father in which Hiashi himself catches a Cloud shinobi and has to kill that ninja, that is episode 63.