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Naruto: Episode 216 You're Welcome :)


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NO!! Sakura loves Sasuke and Naruto!!

Sakura - saskue naruto-Sakura Hinata-naruto chouji-ino tenten-neji ino-sasuke temari-shikamaru rock lee-sakura

The episode is 206.... when Sakura tells to Naruto tha she loves him.....

nop! shikamaru ino sakura sasuke naruto hinata tenten neji temari no one

Naruto Shippuden Episode 271Episode Title: Road to Sakura

Naruto never kisses Sakura. Not the anime or manga.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 214

No where. Naruto and Sakura never kiss.

he doesnt sakura admits that she likes naruto

wtf naruto loves sakura but in some randome episode he transforms into a fox and injures her but not seriously

naruto shippuden episode 10 or 7

NoHow could you even think that,Naruto was so jubilant when he thought shikamaru and tamari were on a date.(around the 2-4 episode of shippuden!!!!!!!)No it has not been said that naruto likes temariEveryone knows Naruto likes Sakura

No sorry I don't think it will happen and she loves Naruto.

Naruto ans Sakura haven't kissed in the whole naruto series

sai told sakura naruto loved her then shikamaru told sakura that he and the others were going to kill saskue because hes a criminal and almost started a war

it was naruto sai yamato and sakura and it was gender divided. Episode 36

One: Where or who told you that Naruto and Sakura kiss. Two: There hasn't been an episode or chapter of the manga where the kiss.

None. Naruto and Sakura are never married. Not in the anime or manga.

Sakura yells at Naruto from time to time but there is no real fighting.

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